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Samarets has sunk on a beach one week prior to wedding

On Saturday, on July, 23rd, on that coast of Volga there was a state of emergency. Approximately at o`clock in the afternoon on a beach opposite to 9 glades the young man has sunk.

- the Company from four persons has come to have a rest, - eyewitnesses have told. - have drunk, have then got to bathe. Began to jump from shoulders each other. One of them after kulbita has not come up.

it is surprising, but friends have understood not at once that has occurred. On an attestation of eyewitnesses to call to the aid rescuers they have guessed only in minutes 15 - 20. A body of the young man have pulled out on coast. fast has arrived only in 50 minutes, its help any more was not necessary.

As it was possible to find out the guy has come on a beach together with the girl, the brother and it   the spouse. At the young man next week wedding should take place.

the same day several hours earlier rescuers have found out a body 25 - the summer man on a beach on Krasnoarmeysk descent. One more person has sunk in Pleasant, on lake Osinovsky.

Victims could be and more. Skilled experts have saved life to the young man. In 14. 22 rescuers delivered 3 man whom, floating in the river Volozhka to a beach, has become exhausted.