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The Tver region is threatened again with forest fires

this year summer us pleases with the hot weather, each inhabitant of region has received long-awaited possibility much to be bought and receive bronze sunburn. Weather forecasters of Verhnevolzhja continue to designate to us total absence of rains and the continuous sun, the sun... Long heat meanwhile gives the chance to worry enough seriously concerning fires in woods.  

So, by July, 26th in 20 areas of the Tver region the high, fourth class of fire danger, and by a weekend on a region map was established, most likely, there will be marks and the fifth, most high-class. Into the list the most fire-dangerous of areas have entered: Kalininsky, Bologovsky, Vyshnevolotsky, Konakovsky, Kimrsky, Rameshkovsky, Kashinsky, Kaljazinsky, Bezhetsky, Lihoslavlsky, Spirovsky, Udomelsky, Maksatihinsky, Sonkovsky, Kesovogorsky, Krasnoholmsky, Molokovsky, Vesegonsky, Wood and Sandovsky areas .

the Map of fires for July, 26th, 2011

In them an input in woods for people already under a strict interdiction.   about it on air of radio   » (99,3 FM) Aydar Galeyev, the head of department of protection and protection of wood of Department of a wood complex of the Tver region has told .

- Repetitions of abnormal summer of the past, 2010 we do not expect, - Aydar Galeyev has noticed. - but already now conditions every day all becomes more difficult. Only for two months, June and July, in territory of our region has flashed an order of 46 forest fires. All of them, fortunately, have been liquidated in time, and the situation aggravation, and also spontaneous distribution of fire managed to be avoided. It is necessary to notice that, making use of experience of last year, we managed to learn a useful lesson. We prepared for this period carefully.  

In the meantime in Department of a wood complex of the Tver region special position is developed how to warn people about danger. So, for example, on an input in woods information boards or notices where the prevention of restrictions contains are established. Nevertheless to find warning tablets it is possible not everywhere.

- It is necessary to remember that if at an input in wood you have not noticed warning notices with an inscription « it is forbidden to plant Fires » does not mean at all that it is possible to do it, - Aydar Galleev has noticed. - in woods it is impossible to plant Fire on a broader scale, without dependence from a class of fire danger which operates in this or that area, after all fire can instantly extend, even if probability of occurrence of a fire the low. More often works ognebortsam are added by people.

the Subject of day: Tver on frequency 99,3 FM. About that as in the Tver region affairs with forest fires are speaks E. Galiev, the head of department of protection and protection of wood of Department of a wood complex

Patrol in woods now bear both law enforcement officers, and forest wardens, and voluntary fire teams.  

What ogranichesnija come into force and at what class pozharnoopasnosti read in a material: Woods of the Tver region are declared by an affliction zone .  

And at this time

fire conditions in woods are watched by candid cameras

In the past, 2010 in the Tver region, in one of the first, in a number of woods have established a web - chambers with which help it is possible to trace conditions in a mode online. Conditions watch in regional point of the dispatching centre.  

- video monitoring System - the effective form of work, - Aydar Galeyev has noticed. - she allows to react almost instantly to kindlings and to send to the place of state of emergency those forces which are in a reach zone. Chambers only 15 in nine areas: in Kaljazinsky, Kimrsky, Konakovsky, Kalininsky, Bezhetsk, Sonkovsky, Staritsky, Rzhev and Zubtsovsky.  

a chamber Main objective - to find out a fire, the chamber covers territory in 20 kilometres.  

it is important!

If you have seen a smoke or open fire and also if has noticed rough infringement of the established rules in wood, it is necessary to phone about it of rescue service: 01 or 112 (from mobile phones), and also in Department of a wood complex by hot line phone: 8 - 800 - 100 - 90 - 25 (a call free).   At infringement of the established rules - for example if you dissolve a fire at the fourth class of fire danger - it is necessary to pay the penalty in the sum from 4 000 to 8 000 roubles . At the fifth - from 5 000 to 10 000 roubles .