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Hospital: the parallel worlds

Are not present, it is better to it does not become. Languid, the person – the wax. Analyses – rubbish. The lovely girl in black parichke plainly lies on a hospital cot. At the girl – a bad tumour of a brain.

it Has undergone treatment already both in Israel and in Germany, and as it and happens more often, to die has arrived home, to our peripheral hospital. Under the scheme offered in Germany, we to it spend chemotherapy. It transfers it badly. Her mother, the doctor of our hospital - on a step does not depart from it.

I speak to Katya:

- Thy case – it is unique! You after all – the natural blonde, and with dark hair you look even more beautiful. So, when otrastut the hair – be recoloured in the brunette!

Katya politely smiles.

she knows all about the disease. What there at it in a shower becomes?

And recently its friend, the groom, fight - the friend &hellip has come from army; I do not know, how it is called now. Well-fad such mordovorot. On clothes and habits – the street mugger. The person – indistinct and tupovatoe. The typical slav. Began to judge and rjadit our aunts that absolutely it not pair to our refined Katya.

but Katya has appeared more sharp-sightedly and more cleverly us. It in this street mugger has considered that we did not see.

this comes to me « the groom » also speaks:

- I see, becomes worse to it?

- at it serious disease. Can be and deterioration. But we hope …

- Me the inquiry is necessary about weight of its status!

I have dismissed a tail and began to broadcast that inquiries, the information on health and other, we give only to immediate families. And here this boy tells to my such story.

It appears that one week ago, they with Katya have put in the statement in the REGISTRY OFFICE for the purpose of a marriage. (Katino the statement – directly from hospital, having assured it at the notary). Having seen that to Katya becomes worse – have begun to bustle. Have learnt that the marriage can be accelerated, if there will be an inquiry on Katya`s grave condition.

I ask:

- And parents in a course?

- still is not present! Today all we will tell.

have told!

the future mother-in-law and the mother-in-law have led marvellously wisely. Have cried in ordinatorskoj, and have then collected slezki in palms and have gone to smile and congratulate novobrachujushchihsja. But how much food for hospital gossipers!

men - doctors have concerned all to it with understanding and zauvazhali the street mugger. But gentle women began to say that the guy – the fool … And a leah is not present what self-interest at it … and suddenly children!... Also that it will be for children at such sick and poisoned woman … where parents &hellip look; and the REGISTRY OFFICE had no right to accept such statement and etc.

there Can be they in what that are right, but I am glad for Katya and for « the street mugger » the appeared real man.

more recently to us have brought younger girl about the first arisen epilepticheskim an attack. Before her parents we had parents of its groom. Began to demand data on disease of the girl, on the forecast and etc. Something, probably, have learnt and soon its groom has come to chamber to this patient with a heap of friends and at their presence declared to the girl that as it seriously ill, it has the rights to refuse the taken obligations and all relations with it – interrupts.

then still « as the good friend » few times came to see the « were ». With it each time the hysterics became. It was necessary to kick and dispose it that in branch it any more would not start up.

here such parallel worlds which have adjoined at us in branch.