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Alexander Nikolaev, the chief of Department of road building, an accomplishment and transport of administration of Irkutsk: it is necessary to approach To questions of an accomplishment of a city it is system

Uncomfortable court yard and the broken roads stir many inhabitants of Irkutsk. On a direct line in « » the chief of Department of road building, an accomplishment and transport of Committee on housing and communal services of administration of Irkutsk Alexander Nikolays has visited. Phone did not cease for a minute. In an hour some tens questions from inhabitants of Irkutsk have arrived.

Inhabitants interested, when will put in order intraquarter territories, will repair streets in the remote areas, will make children`s playgrounds and many other things. Alexander Viktorovich attentively listened to complaints of inhabitants of Irkutsk, wrote down all addresses and promised to correct lacks as far as possible. Today we publish the most interesting answers to questions.


- Alexander Viktorovich, good afternoon. I live near to street Kiev which repair the second year successively. Tell, and what roads still will put in order?

- this year we plan to begin repair of street of Charles Marx - on a site from Lenin`s street to Gagarin`s parkway, and also streets Favorsky, Bagration, Lebedev - the Red bunting, Rakitnaja, Guerrilla, Volga and the Uhlan - Batorsky. Repair of streets Baikal, Dzerzhinsky, Fighters of Revolution, Kiev and others proceeds. By September building of two underground pedestrian crossings in microdistrict Sinjushina a mount for which of the federal budget it is allocated by 243 million roubles will come to the end. After building territory round transitions will arrange well. Besides, reconstruction of two squares will be spent. One of them is located on crossing of streets Bitter and Suhe - Batora. To it Yury Nozhikova`s name, by the second - near to road service station, round the House museum of Decembrist Volkonsky, by the way, will be appropriated.

I Want to notice also that we spend major repairs of roads with simultaneous replacement of the engineering communications located under proezzhej a part. Under such scheme work in the street Kiev, for example is conducted. It is very important, that after road repair on it excavation from - for failures on networks, which in the majority very shabby has not begun.

- Hello. I am converted to you on behalf of all inhabitants of suburb of the Worker. Tell, when will repair street Floor - it all broken, in holes and potholes. Why the central streets put in order, and about the remote microdistricts absolutely have forgotten?

- Repair of street Floor - one of priority problems, and it will be necessarily solved within the next 2 years.


- We live to the address: street Don, 28. Our court yard is not arranged well: the pothole and hole circle, during a rain forms huge pools. Tell, where to us to be converted, that at last have transfigured a court yard?

- this year repair of intraquarter territories in the street Don will be spent to two addresses: Don, 5 - 7, and Don, 12 - 12. Your court yard, unfortunately, has not got to the repair plan. But I have written down the address, I will necessarily send to you experts that they have estimated conditions.

- Hello, Alexander Viktorovich! Heard that inhabitants can show the initiative and ask, that roads before the house have repaired. Will not prompt, to whom to be converted? And a leah we will be in time a demand tax this year?

- Unfortunately, you are not in time any more. This year lists of the intraquarter territories which are subject to repair, are already generated. They were made under demands of townspeople. The scheme is identical to all and works is effective throughout several years. If roads before your house are broken, first of all be converted to the deputy of the Irkutsk municipal duma on the district. There together with employees of municipal departments of regional administrations make lists of court yard which need under repair. Then at session of the Duma of Irkutsk the sum with which the city allocates for repair is defined, and the list of addresses definitively affirms. After that the committee on city administration housing and communal services holds competition for choice contractors. Well and then works begin. Certainly, to the deputy it is necessary to be converted in advance. If to start to sound alarm right now, that is chance that will put your court yard in order next year.

- Our house is to the address: street of Barricades, 54. Before the house there is no asphalt, and roads remind an impassable track. Today a rain, therefore we even do not leave an entrance - we are afraid « to sink ». Take measures! A leah means for repair of court yard are allocated on a broader scale?

- In 2011 for repair and an accomplishment of city court yard have allocated the record sum for Irkutsk - 350 million roubles. Is planned to repair 119 intraquarter territories. 64 court yard will be repaired in Sverdlovsk district, 33 - in October, 32 - in Leninsk, 28 - in Right-bank. In court yard asphalt will be replaced, are equipped zaezdnye pockets, borders are established. By the way, the court yard located near houses 54 get to the plan of repair of this year, 54, 54, 54 along the street Barricades.

- Tell, why the central roads repair, and here about vnutrikvartalkah constantly forget. For example, roads near our house along the street Bitter, 25 in an awful status.

- I understand your indignation. But the matter is that every year transport in our city becomes more and more, and our highways are calculated on much smaller quantity of cars. Therefore we are constantly urged to expand, repair and reconstruct them. If it not to do, all Irkutsk will turn to one enormous stopper. It agree, a situation in court yard not the most safe, but we try to put them in order, works on repair of court yard in Irkutsk are spent annually. For example, this year for these purposes it is allocated by 350 million roubles, is planned to repair 119 court yard in different disctricts of the city.


- Good afternoon. We live to the address: Lermontov`s street, 180. Earlier in our court yard there was a sandbox and a children`s playground. But in due course small towns have disassembled. Perhaps, all - taki can be established and at us modern attractions, after all children have no place to play absolutely?

- the List of addresses on which children`s playgrounds will be established, is formed in the same way, as well as the list of court yard subject to repair: through deputies of the Irkutsk municipal duma. That in your court yard there was a platform, be converted to the deputy on the district. And the demand should be collective. To learn a name and the address of a reception of the deputy you can by phones (3952 52 - 00 - 42 or 52 - 03 - 05. Actually deficiency of children`s playgrounds in Irkutsk is eliminated - over the last 5 years them has been established more than thousand. This year will appear 126 more - in all disctricts of the city, and on already existing 142 the additional equipment will be established: where - that a swing, where a protection and etc. Platforms which will establish this year, the diversified. One big - with arbours, hills, the game equipment; others - it is less.


- Alexander Viktorovich, the status of some stops leaves much to be desired. That shops are not present, canopies. Tell, when you will restore them?

- this year the city administration has spent inventory of all stops. All them is 528, from them only 310 are equipped by stopping pavilions and canopies. In mayoralty plans the next years to equip all stops in uniform style. One of these days competition among architects on creation of the sketch of stopping pavilion has been declared. In September will be summed up. The best sketch becomes a project basis on which pavilions begin to be produced. Probably, next year their installation already will begin. The question for what bill of means it will be made is now solved.