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Let`s meet in a network

Chance to survive at it has appeared thanks to that the mistress of an animal, the veterinary surgeon by a trade, has placed a page to which inhabitants worldwide have responded in a social network. Popularity of social networks opens before us on - to the present unlimited possibilities.   to help most or to receive the help, to find the child-hood friend or to create group of adherents, and perhaps, to change the world round itself? A leah probably it, you ask! Probably even in one of the most conservative spheres — service in bank!  

Social networks gain the increasing distribution in the Internet, promptly typing popularity all over the world. Their influence on an everyday life is very great, it is difficult to find the person who uses the Internet, but has no account on social service.   Popularity of a network lies in its most essence, in realisation of one of the most important human wants — dialogue. Thus today social networks — it is not simple pastime. If earlier they have been filled exclusively by discussion of private matters, every year   more and more spheres of our life leave in online.  

Alexey Krohin,   the vice-president of the Ural bank of reconstruction and development  

« two More - three years ago dialogue of people on private matters &mdash was a basis of social networks; a hobby, professional interests, ups and downs, friendship, love. Now this social space is filled by such quantity of users that became practically a mirror of the real world. There are many people for whom the Internet becomes the basic inhabitancy. It means that in a network they work, have a good time, trained, use shops and other organisations among which, certainly, there are also banks. Thus, developing the Internet - communications, we become closer to clients, we open it new possibilities of financial service ».      

Champions and possibilities

with such motto the Ural bank of reconstruction and development left in a social network In contact having opened here at once two groups: Time of Champions and Time of Possibilities . Both of them are intended for the active people aimed at success and wishing to use any possibilities to become more advanced including in efficient control questions the finance.      

Time of Possibilities ( http:// vkontakte. ru/ ubrr_vv)

Want to get the car, but do not know what credit to use, were tired to postpone repair « on then » from - for shortages of means or still only dream of a long trip?   to solve these problems, now it is unessential to go to bank office, to make it it is possible directly at home, in parallel with dialogue in a network on other questions, in this group. The financial decision – a little klikov - steps. Also in group Time of Possibilities it is possible to consult on bank services, to discuss details or even another`s experience of an embodiment of financial plans in life. Here are discussed actual « monetary zatratnye » such as subjects as large acquisitions and travel, the house and the car, education of children and gifts for favourite, desires and the purposes. And that the most important thing, the plans demanding considerable financial investments are easily realised.    

Time of Champions ( http:// vkontakte. ru/ ubrr_4empion)

the Second group created UBRiR « In Contact » — it is already following level of financial freedom. Here it is possible to receive not simply advice on use of ready bank services, but also to take part in their creation, thus to receive   additional benefits. You voice the representations about bank products, wishes to them, and perhaps, discuss their specificity at professional grade. Thus, form service under the problems and the vital purposes. Ask interesting questions, participate in round tables, conferences, testing of new products, discussion of various subjects, and certainly, receive discounts! Becoming on one step with bank in working out of services, to you on forces to be « the champion » the finance!  

Two groups UbRiR « In contact » — it not simply step to it - a line space. The fact of that in social networks users have all new possibilities in such, apparently, to conservative sphere as bank service, speaks about much. That there is nothing impossible in cooperation with bank which on - to the present is focused on the client, its requirements and desire.  

Presence UBRiR « In Contact » — it is far not a limit, the bank is registered in Twitter (http:// twitter. com/ Bank_UBRR), already prepares for a meeting with users of a social network   Facebook. Also last preparations for a premiere of new site UBRiR which it is not becomes simple a page, bank representation in a network, and a modern, convenient and multipurpose platform for a meeting with clients, online come to an end with the office, allowing to solve the greatest possible number of problems without visit to bank branch.  

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