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The Khimki water basin have fenced with a fence

After the airports and railway stations security have attended and in capital rechportah. Hardly there is less than month back employees FGUP « Moscow canal » have vigorously reported: now with security by steam-ships will be that`s OK. For the sake of it Northern river station that costs on the bank of the Khimki water basin, has got ten security guards, has bought four frameworks metallodetektorov and … has fenced the quay most part with a metal fence.

As has declared a management « Moscow canal » it all together - « the project of complexes of examination of passengers first in own way on a sailing charter in our country ». What from this left?

Now to get on ship (even walking), is necessary to pass through one of four points of examination. They represent the big tents stuffed with the equipment. Each such point serves five moorings. However, even if you simply want to buy tickets in cash desks or to sit on a parapet at the river, you should show the bags and backpacks to the security guard, and to pass through a framework.

- At least cash desk did not fence. And that is inconvenient after all: you talk to the seller on distance of five metres. And then, to buy the ticket, it is necessary to do a hook - to pass through the metal detector, - Muscovite Olga Shapovalova complains. However, the most bright, despite interdictions, jump through a fence. Or remove badly fixed barriers. Security guards make light of it.

- Well all of us will not catch! - admitted « » one of the security guard. - the main thing that on the ship with a bomb nobody has got.

- And what for then all quay fenced?

are you at a management ask!

it is inconvenient also to bicyclists with scooters which like to cut circles along the Khimki water basin. More correctly, not it, and to pedestrians. From - for a fence and without that not so wide quay was narrowed. Therefore sportsmen continually will come across pedestrians – especially in the middle rechporta where reconstruction of old cash desks is conducted.

in general, again wanted as better, and that has turned out has turned out...