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Krasnoyarsk rescuers cannot already take off the second days to the aid of the lost the way tourists

On rescue of tourists from Moscow till now cannot take off neither employees of the Siberian regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, nor their colleague from the Irkutsk region. Two days they are disturbed by bad weather.

we Will remind that five Muscovites who have decided to pass a tourist route, on a taiga of the Irkutsk region and Krasnoyarsk region, should finish a campaign on July, 17th. But on communication did not leave. Their relatives were converted behind the help in the Ministry of Emergency Measures. Only on July, 25th it became known, where approximately there are people: having met other group of the tourists, lost the way have asked for them satellite phone and have called the native.

Now over Tofalarsky zakaznikom in the Irkutsk region where people wait for the help, clouds have low hung and there is a heavy wind to 20 metres per second. From - for low visibility the helicopter with rescuers can run into rocks. Unfortunately, the weather forecast for these days remains same unfavourable.

To the aid there was also the pedestrian saving group but while to find tourists it it is not possible.  

- In area where people were gone, a lot of fish is found in the river, in wood there are mushrooms and berries, - Irina Gogolev, the worker has informed a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Irkutsk region, - so even if at people meal stocks will end, they can find to themselves livelihood.

In a case if on Wednesday the departure for the gone tourists will take place, behind them seven rescuers and one cynologist   will go; with a dog.