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Photos which exchanged through the Internet, became accessible to all

Users the Internet - messengers (ICQ, QIP and etc.) And other network talkers, like to exchange photos. Among them there are also usual cards from the travel, favourite kitties and doggies, and are and the bared photos which are sent each other by ardent enamoured and any perverts.

the people Part fills in the cards on file exchange servers. Why - that many such pictures are on the server 4shared. com, on it it is the most convenient to search through a site search. file. qip. ru.

it would Seem that such if the girl sends to the guy a picture, let even the erotic. They will show it to nobody, so after all? It appears,   the copy of the file delivered from one person to another, remains in the Network for ever.

the Experienced user cannot pull out another`s information

Try to set on any searcher in section « Pictures » search in letters which usually are in names of files of photos: IMG _, DSCN _, ΘΗΞΑΠΐΖΕΝΘΕ_ - and to start search. In the list come up such pictures that at their children it is better not to open. The user name, filled in when - that here the card, is resulted, the minimum contact information too. The boyar on a picture was pleasant? Then it is possible to get acquainted safely, in a bedroom no disappointments will exist.

Even private options do not rescue from unduly curious eyes