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Open Company Search : the main thing - care of people

Having reorganised from the Nekrasovsky consumer society, Open Company « Search » continues the social mission on maintenance of inhabitants of area, and even from the most remote corners, products and essential commodities.

Now in Open Company structure « Search » the chain store system on sale various food and neprodovolstvennyh, located on all area, and also two points of public catering - cafe « enters; Solonitsa » and cafeteria in settlement Nekrasovsky. Reorganisation and signboard change have not prevented to save stable highly professional collective, here there are workers with 40 - the summer experience of work.

- Reorganization and an independence appropriation impose on us huge responsibility, - the director of Open Company « tells; Search » Svetlana Mashtakova. - However we have proved and we prove to the present day that the main task of our enterprise on - former there is a care of people, of their essential cares and problems.

There is at us, for example, a shop in village Novodashkovo. In the winter there only 24 persons of permanent residents, it is a bit more at the expense of having a rest and summer residents in the summer. However we do not close shop in this settlement, we work all-the-year-round, despite unprofitableness of trade.

And in other village - picturesque Ulkove - remains only 3 inhabitants in the winter. The shop there is not present, but we have organised exit trade, and ulkovtsy in what do not know need. The autobench delivers products and essential commodities and in other remote sparsely populated points of area.

There are, of course, at us shops and in the big settlements, both in district, and taking into account a present competition it is necessary to keep up to date to work more effectively. For enterprise development, acquisition of the new modern trading equipment, motor car park updating it is annually spent to one million roubles.

Radical restructuring has occurred and in public catering system. People much more often steels to visit cafe, snackbars, to celebrate family feasts and celebrations at our restaurant.

« Solonitsu » now not to learn. Here two big halls for carrying out of weddings, anniversaries, korporativov, other feasts, complex out repairs are carried, the new equipment, beautiful furniture is got.

Cooks constantly perfect the professional skill, participate in seminars and competitions. Recently on base « Solonitsy » has passed regional competition of cooks - confectioners. The system of public catering of the enterprise came out time and again the winner of regional competitions for qualitative and cultural servicing.

Work of collective of Open Company « Search » On worthiness it is estimated at the most various levels. These are reading and writing of the governor, a rank of the winner in competition « the Most dynamically developing enterprise » other awards.

Good relations have developed at Open Company management « Search » with regional and poselkovoj administrations. Svetlana Jurevna is the deputy of municipal council of Nekrasovsky settlement and not by hearsay knows area problems. Urgent problems dare in a complex, in due time that contributes in removal of social intensity in area and settlement territory.

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