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KFH Moskalenko: Bad it is not held!

a deputy head of an economy of Roza Kalmukasheva works together with Sergey Moskalenko since 1985, since collective farm « the Dawn ». With 1996 - go after Sergey Vladimirovichem has passed in organised by it KFH. The general experience of work of the Rose of Romanovny on the earth makes neither much nor a little almost forty years. It seems, there is no such question in agriculture on which she would not know the answer. Here and in this our arrival to tell about how lives, and is more correct, as the economy in trudnejshih for peasants conditions survives, we have asked it.

- the Rose of Romanovna, autumn - summarising time. How this uneasy year comes to the end for your economy?

- Year for us really was very uneasy. Winter almost all were lost: last year it was necessary to sow practically in the dry earth. The most part of crops should be cut simply.

And here summer have gone right this year quite good - the sin to complain. Productivity on barley has made an order 25 - 26 ts from hectare, nutu - 15 - 16 centners, to millet - 25 ts from hectare, sunflower - 9 centners from hectare. Of 140 hectares, by the way, have cleaned the last couple of days ago - waited for frosts. The next economy, truth, cleaned both at 17, and at 19 percent of humidity. But we very much would like to save a crop, waited, that humidity of grain has decreased at least to 9 percent.

- It was possible?

- the Most part - yes. However, the last of hectares hundred all - taki should be collected damp - now have brought on elevator on drying.

- And store too on elevatore?

Alexander Sidorov (on a photo above) - the universal worker. According to Rozy Kalmukashevoj, he can be entrusted any business.

- Is not present, we store all houses. Now here we blow, we earn additionally grain. And then we will look.

there would be a price good - would start to sell. We especially do not choose - we sell, to the one who will give the best price. And this year the prices for sunflower absolutely are not present, anybody does not want to take. Here also stand at neighbours of a field not cleaned - to look painfully!

- Money thus in an economy is necessary constantly. Leah was possible to earn on something?

- basically, nut gains. This year already under one thousand tons have handed over.

- I look, your children potter with technics - for winter prepare?

- Yes, I said that with sunflower we were late a little. Therefore and with combines till now work: 4 « agrosa » and 6 « Donov » it is necessary to prepare all for winter storage. And so a long time all would be ready, as last years.

In a workshop « lead up to mind » units: teeths beat off, harrows repair. Six persons work in our workshop in Mokrouse.

- Combine operators, tractor operators, drivers always were your special pride. Can tell, who has especially caused a stir this year?

- Yes all good fellows, we bad do not hold! Certainly, it would be desirable to allocate especially young combine operators Vasily Ribkovtsa and Peter Cheptsova, the machine operators working on « Kirovtse »: Nikolay Irzhanova, Alexander Sidorov and Alexander Tchertkov, which at us on a broader scale Jack of all trades. Works also as the machine operator, and if it is required, the driver. On a broader scale it is a lot of at us good workers!

- Many heads complain today of absence of youth. Why in your economy so many young machine operators? Perhaps, your head Sergey Moskalenko knows any special secret?

- First of all children come to an economy because their parents have worked all life on the earth. Near to us there was a collective farm of Kuibyshev, all worked there. At Alexander Sidorov, Dmitry Gerasimov and Vasily Ribkovtsa fathers were machine operators, the father almost till last day lives worked for Peter Cheptsova on « the Altaian ». They from the early childhood have got used to the earth, know and love the business. Many, by the way, work for us as families: brothers of Gerasimovy, Sidorovy, Eremenkovy, for example.

And a secret about which you asked, our head really knows. It is care of people which work for you. This year in summer months our children and on combines, and machine operators have adequately earned. The salary pay in time, last winter, for example, in the most difficult months - January and February when least works, - the management has found possibility to pay to us 13 - ju and 14 - ju salaries. I think, and this winter we will not offend.

and Sergey Vladimirovich does not forget about part-time farms which at us are contained by almost each family. Rough forages, straw, for example, we give on two - three dvenadtsatitonnki - to whom how much it is necessary. The concentrated forages, droblenku, we give out free of charge. Now here it is possible to take a sunflower waste - on a forage to hens, sheep, pigs.

- When - that has been got to take from machine operators with itself in the field of sons. Today boys are interested in agricultural machinery?

- Result, of course, both children, and nephews, and grandsons. And it is simple children from the next villages Obnovlenovki and the Reach resort. To work with technics we them, of course, do not suppose - very difficult today the car. But also we do not banish: let look, how adults work. As an exception we allow to pass it a circle - another in a combine cabin. And how them you will banish? Now you will not start up - know, how to simply today`s boys to stumble. And so, maybe, in some years, you look, and will sit down for a steering wheel of a combine or for a tractor wheel.

- Roza Romanovna, even to the nonspecialist is clear that strong winter - half of success of the future crop. On the eve of our arrival has passed the serious snowfall first in this year. How your fields leave at winter?

- Winter this year good - a sin to complain. Only have sown wheat - and rains have gone, as by request. So hopes of the future crop are: on steams this year have sown 1700 hectares of winter wheat, on the minimum technologies, or as spoke, « earlier; on lenivke » - about 1000 hectares.