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supermario will personally supervise over economy of Italy

the Head of the government Mario Monti has left the most important in the present state of affairs a portfolio - the head of the Ministry of Economics - behind itself. Considering its education: economic faculties of Milan university Bokkoni and Jel, and also almost 10 - it is necessary to recognise summer work as the eurocommissioner, this decision reasonable and logical.


Korrado Passere, to the chief executive of one of the largest on the bank Apennines - Intesa Sanpaolo, Monti has charged to head the important ministry of an infrastructure and the industry. Antonio Katrikale, the head of antimonopoly agency, will head premerskuju office.


Surnames of other ministers will be announced before reduction ceremony to the oath of a new office. It will take place at 19 o`clock Moscow time together with transfer of affairs by the former government.

About the anti-recessionary plan of the new government Italians learn on Thursday when in the senate will take place voting by trust to the new government. Mario Monti will act this day in the upper chamber of parliament with a keynote speech in which will tell about how will deduce the country from crisis. Next day, on Friday, the lower chamber &ndash will vote on trust to the cabinet; the Chamber of Deputies.


Mario Monti has presented to the president of Italy cabinet structure

to Consultation two days

the New prime minister proceeded - the minister of Italy Mario Monti has presented to the president of the country Dzhordzho Napolitano government structure.

the Head of the state has appointed 68 - the summer lifelong senator and the former head of antimonopoly committee of EU Mario Monti the prime minister after this fast was left by Silvio Berlusconi heading ministry three and a half year. (Further)