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Tebenebo from ABVIOTURY for smoljan

The history folk - kolektiv has begun even more 16 years ago in Rostov-on-Don, but after an exit of the first albums participants of group have got over to Moscow.

their music is a combination of electronics, live guitars, samples of national tools. The musical stylistics have passed a way from guitar fate with elements folka to etno - a bark. Texts - Russian folklore traditions and fragments of national songs. By the way, for gathering of a material musicians went time and again to independent folklore expeditions, carefully collecting a song and musical legacy. Unusual ethnic suits, emotional performance smoljane could see time and again at several Smolensk festivals. At a concert will sound as familiar compositions from the first albums « the Wheel » « Departed » and from the last « Tebenebo » (2009).

this evening Smolensk groups « also will act; LINCORE » and « KuriPokaPryot ». On the eve of a concert the leader of group Paul Lapygin has answered questions « about forthcoming performance.

- In Smolensk you were more than once. What is will sound on November, 20th?

- From the moment of our last visit to Smolensk has passed almost year. In this time we have finished to logic end our small, but taken away from us it is a lot of time and forces the project connected with abvioturizatsiej several Don Cossack songs. Here them is that we with pleasure and we will present to Smolensk public.

- What compositions from a latest album « Tebenebo » have got accustomed in the concert program?

- All songs from this album concert, also are not present the reasons them not to execute. Their quantity in the concert program depends exclusively on duration of a set.

- a leah there were in a musical arsenal new tools?

- the group Arsenal is really updated and it is connected by that we have approached to creation of the new program. On « to our kitchen » there are new devices, processors and other technical innovations. « ABVIOTURA » traditionally remains very technological collective.

- What of last folklore expeditions became the most fruitful? A leah is an occasion to a new album?

- as the Occasion to a new album new folklore expeditions (to us on the nearest some albums and an existing material quite will suffice), and the collected quantity of new songs have served not. Most folklore from our trips to this year the trip to the USA has turned out. Two weeks we went on tour on cities of America, learning the country from within, communicating with people, touching culture.

- That now from music excites? What obeys with pleasure?

- At all musicians of group « ABVIOTURA » different musical tastes, strangely enough. Therefore and music all of us listen to the different. Because - that as a result at us also turns out such here zames. To press in variety of names and names I will not be, I will be limited to that I will tell that our musical interests are stretched from dubstep before the Tuva throat singing.

- Checked up by time « the Christmas carol » « it is not necessary » « Have departed » « Maids » have not undergone changes? On a broader scale, how often come back to the written songs? Do their new arrangements?

- We seldom make changes to once made songs. But if something also it is changed in sounding it is cardinal. Therefore at concerts our songs sound in the same way, as well as on disks.

- a leah Is any unfulfilled plans which would like to embody about new year?

- Till the end of this year we very much want to finish an album of the Cossack songs to mind and to receive the ready issued disk which with pleasure we will share with our investigators.

and - club, street of Kirov 29 -
on November, 20th, the beginning at 19:00
Tickets: 100 - 250 rbl.