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The Cathedral of the Dormition of Ryazan recognised as emergency still 200 years ago

the Central dome of the Cathedral of the Dormition blackens. It is especially appreciable cloudy days, when there is no solar patches of light. Gilding climbs down from above (from cross bottom) and a little from below.

« has understood, on whose fault the symbol of Ryazan and that it is necessary to do that it to save comes to desolation.  

pigeons and ravens

Are guilty - If blackens, probably, badly restored, - a metropolitan the Ryazan and Kasimovsky Paul assumes . - we in plans have restoration of the Cathedral of the Dormition, but action expensive, money for it while is not present.

According to the Lord, most of all to gilding harm... Birds. Ravens and pigeons have transformed for a long time domes and crosses into perches. And a waste of their ability to live, to put it mildly, is not useful to a surface.

- the Pigeon dung corrodes even copper, - a metropolitan tells. - And a thin layer of gilding... In the Moscow Kremlin there is even a separate service which by means of birds of prey exterminates pigeons and a raven. Perhaps, and to us it is necessary to adopt experience...

However, such innovation hardly will manage cheaply. And after all financial difficulties, according to a metropolitan of Paul, do not allow to restore kreml.

- you see, in what status we managed temples, - he explains. - a Bogojavlensky temple and the Preobrazhenskiy cathedral - in a critical status, the same situation with a campanile.

By the way, campanile restoration rather was tightened. In archdiocese speak — for the same financial reason. Money like is, but it is not enough for fast end of their works. By the way, campanile restoration even after its transition in archdiocese using, under our data, continues   to be financed from the federal budget. But the church nevertheless hopes and to the aid patrons of art.

- we Will collect means the whole world, - a metropolitan Paul summarised.

not to gild - so though to whitewash!

art dealers, by the way, have a explanation to a bad status of the objects passed archdiocese.

- When the museum accepted Bogojavlensky church on balance, there on a broader scale there was a REGISTRY OFFICE archive, - the historian Irina tells Kusova . - That is the museum at all had no right it to restore. And when has tried - has not run nearly into the large penalty. And here concerning the Preobrazhenskiy cathedral a metropolitan, in my opinion, exaggerates.

Irina Gasanovna - one of the most active participants of protest actions against building transfer kremlja archdioceses - is in turn dissatisfied with how the new owner looks after the received premises.

- In the Cathedral of the Dormition there is a whole complex of problems, scale restoration there is necessary, - she speaks. - And it is really difficult for mastering. But which - that can be made. For example, that belokamennaja the carving did not suffer affliction from a fungus, she needs to be bleached regularly only. It is completely not expensive, but why - that even it nobody does!

in general, the impression of a situation develops the strange. On the one hand, of course, the symbol of Ryazan should look adequately, therefore it would be quite good means for restoration naskresti. But with another, after all archdiocese, demanding itself objects kremlja, knew about their status and necessity of restoration. Also has all the same insisted on transfer. And now expostulates on financial difficulties and asks to allocate money from this a source which financed memorial estate - the federal budget. There is a question: and what for took - that?


Sergey Varganov, the main architect of department of projects Ryazan scientifically - restoration management:

- Many consider that domes of the Cathedral of the Dormition last time restored to 900 - letiju Ryazan, in 1995. It not so — then restored only a roof, and in domes were engaged in the end of 70 - h. The Warranty period of such works — 25 years. It has passed. The bird`s dung, of course, harms to gilding, but it not the unique factor. Influences also ecology. In the Ryazan air there are connections which accelerate process of oxidation of gilding. Certainly, both a cathedral carving, and domes demand restoration. How much these works stand, on vskidku I can not tell. But it is exact more 10 million roubles.

And still there was a case

By the way, in 1800 the Cathedral of the Dormition were going to take down. The most holy Synod has directed the corresponding writ to the Ryazan archbishop to the Simon. Already then — in hundred years after construction — the cathedral was in an emergency status. However, then such term did not use, and a cathedral suggested to take down because of occurrence in it « dangerous vethostej ».

an archbishop the Simon has acquainted the Ryazan thought with the decision of the Synod and has suggested townspeople to consult how to be: to repair a cathedral or nevertheless to take down. Fortunately, known Ryazan merchants - patrons of art Ryumin and Malshin have decided to help a symbol of Ryazan: from Moscow have invited the architect and stone affairs of the master. Those have examined a cathedral and have come to a conclusion that it can be restored. Ryumin and Malshin have paid a solid part of works, and the rest was collected by citizens. 69 100 roubles as a result have turned out. In 1804 of work on restoration have ended.