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Film the Aurora - the Special sight Cannes MKF

  the Capital cinema « Gaudeamus » for all film fans has prepared an autumn gift in the form of display of a series of the films which have taken part on film festivals of the international level in Cannes and Hollywood. The tape of outstanding Romanian director Christie Puju « becomes a gift of this week; the Aurora ».

the Romanian drama « the Aurora » from director Christie Puju is a key picture « new Romanian cinema » undoubtedly, most important phenomenon at cinema of Europe of the first decade of century. A film difficult enough and ambiguous, as a rule, all films ranked as a genre « are such; an art house ».

It is the second film of a monumental cycle of Christie Puju « Six stories from suburbs of Bucharest » begun by the well-known tape « Death of mister Lazaresku ». With the previous film « Aurora » connects only a scene of action – gloomy spaces of the Romanian capital, and also three-hour duration and attention to naywards of human position. To the spectators not familiar with a phenomenon of new Romanian cinema, at first can be difficult, orient in actions of the protagonist which watches someone where - that goes, suffers affliction from a sleeplessness, communicates with certain people, observes of another`s children, arranges dismantlings with neighbours and it is constant about something thinks. Gradually from chaos of its actions malicious intention appears, whose sense will open to spectators in an impressing outcome of a film in which the hero simply goes down in underground parking place and starts to kill. The protagonist director Christie Puju has played. As well as « Death of mister Lazaresku » a film « the Aurora » has been shown in the program « the Special sight » Cannes MKF.

the Cinema « Gaudeamus »

street Vasil Aleksandri, 4.

18 – on November, 23rd, the beginning in 18. 00.

the Price of tickets: 30 – 50 leev.