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We spell. The reader for the schoolboy.

each of us at the sight of pervoklashek with huge backpacks not only be touched, but also involuntarily sympathises with them: cargo of educational accessories and a pile of books seems for gentle children`s shoulders an excessive burden. As it is good that soon paper books will replace electronic – easy and compact.   or all - taki is not good? Today we will consider concrete variants of readers for school   or institute – in a word, for training.


From all chitalok most of all on hearing the reader, which else presented the prime minister - to the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin the head of corporation ROSNANO Anatoly Chubays in the summer. In the autumn it has started to introduce in educational process at some schools. CHitalka with foreign name Plastic Logic 100 as it is easy to guess, bodily plastic – It favorably affects and device weight, and on its reliability (usually in readers a display substrate glass and fragile enough).

Big (the size about page of the usual paper textbook) the touch screen is executed on technology of electronic ink. Instead of own illumination it uses reflected light, the image does not flicker and looks printed on a newsprint. Anything innovative here is not present – technologies of this 20 years, and chitalki with screens on its basis sell the fifth year at least.

For long reading such screens, naturally, approach better, than displays of tablets and computer monitors. However with a role of the manual they hardly will consult on 100 % – all - taki for descriptive reasons is useful to use bright paints. And on biology, geography and history without them simply not to manage, to banal – it will not turn out to consider on a map, where ours, and where – not ours, which of hares – White hair and as minerals in territory of Ural Mountains are placed.

One more inconvenience – the electronic textbook is developed for especially educational needs and has strictly limited funktsional. For home reading it will not approach, the books there simply cannot be loaded. Though for what it becomes, it is possible to understand – in other case kiddies quickly would see how there to download a heap of games and the extraneous information like cribs and jokes.

we Will add to it well-founded fears of parents that for 12 000 roubles (price Plastic Logic declared still in the summer 100) at the child can steal or select a gadget, and we will receive as a result about an identical combination of minuses and pluses.


Almost one year prior to news about Plastic Logic 100 company PocketBook, the leader of the Russian market electronic « chitalok » made experiment on introduction chitalok in educational process. About this experiment we already wrote. In brief: introduction in Lycee of Lobachevsky in Kazan readers PocketBook Pro 903 with a special insertion (a diary, the schedule of the lessons, a special educational content) has led to progress growth on the average on 35 %. That is, yesterday`s troechniki steels horoshistami, and horoshisty – honours pupils. Not on results and at other schools of Russia and Ukraine where took place experiment were much worse.

It is necessary to add that the introduced reader – the most advance in modelling number PocketBook also has set of additional functions (3G, Bluetooth, Wi - Fi, an audioplayer, the built in games). Access to them, no less than possibility of independent occupancy of a content, nobody limited. Schoolboys could use freely it at any time, than and were engaged – however the positive result all the same is available.

PocketBook Pro 912 Education

the Updated version of this chitalki, PocketBook Pro 912 Education, has the same big touch screen on electronic ink, and in its case the metal inserts guaranteeing safety of the fragile device in a school portfolio were saved. As a result of refusal of support 3G (all the same nobody used) the price &ndash has changed; PocketBook Pro 912 Education for 2000 rbl. is cheaper than the predecessor.

also lacks However were saved: The device on - former weighs almost 600 grammes and approaches for house reading &ndash more; parents who are afraid to release the child to walk with a toy for 13000 roubles, it is easy to understand. And - Ink for display of manuals we already spoke about inconvenience of screens E above – alas, it is to the full fair and in case of new PocketBook Pro 912 Education.

With pictures

Children of younger age it is heavy to force to read the book with not colour pictures. For them it is necessary to get other readers – with colour LCD - displays. Screens at them not such comfortable as in E - Ink - readers, however their ability to show animated cartoons and to read fairy tales of the price are not present. Plus to everything, there are special interactive electronic books for children, both entertaining, and informative.

PocketBook IQ 701  

One more advantage of such books – they cost cheaper much more. For example, the price colour 7 - inch reader PocketBook IQ 701 on platform Android (by the way, on funktsionalu close to tablet computers) – 3 490 roubles.

the Main thing to remember that LCD - screens are not harmless to sight, and time of contact of the child with such book should not exceed 30 minutes in day (with a five-minute break). And absolutely small readers to leave alone with electronics – Even the most reliable and safe – at all does not cost.