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AIZHK has started the pilot project on « to payment vacation » for ipotechnikov

Open Society Agency on mortgage housing crediting (AIZHK) has started service the Loyal mortgage which allows to lower monthly payment under the credit on 45 - 60 % in case of occurrence at the borrower of financial difficulties, is informed in a press - agency release.

As it is marked in the message, service is given to the borrowers who have chosen programs AIZHK - the Standard and the New building .

It is official possibility to use payment vacation some times in time mortgage loan lives - it is marked in agency materials.

the General duration payment vacation makes two years, thus the minimum term on which the reduced payment - will be given 6 months, and the maximum single term - 12 months.

In case of a birth in a family of the borrower of the child the maximum single term is extended till one and a half years, explained in a press - release.

Thus it is supposed what use service the borrower can not earlier, than in a year after mortgage loan reception.

In the subsequent when the borrower will return to the usual schedule of payments under the credit, its monthly payment will not change. Payment loading will be redistributed at the expense of crediting prolongation.

the Payment for connection to the program loyalty agencies will be made by 0,3 percentage points to the annual interest rate.

At existing level of rates under programs AIZHK (from 7,9 % - on to the New building and from 8,9 % - on to the Standard ) Such insignificant correction practically will not be reflected in the payment sum, - are given in the message of a word of the chief executive on innovations AIZHK of Marina Malajchik.

In its opinion, the similar mechanism of protection against financial problems is simply necessary if to consider that the mortgage accompanies the person the long period of life.

As it is marked in materials AIZHK, the preliminary arrangement with the borrower bears benefit and for the creditor as is the insurance in case of time decrease in solvency of the borrower.

Thanks to a new option, consider in agency, the creditor can be assured that the borrower will not hide from it at occurrence of problems, and will in due time warn about time difficulties that will allow to support operatively solvency of the client and as a result to save to it habitation.

While, it is specified in a press - release, AIZHK offers an option the Loyal mortgage As the pilot project where the limited number of partners participates.

However in 2012 - after end of testing of service - the agency plans to offer its all market.

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