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Volleyball tournament of oil industry workers

Traditional tournament on volleyball on Kubok Grajfera has passed in tatarstanskom Nurlate. 8 commands have taken part In it from all Russia. Feature of these competitions that they have corporate character. All sportsmen – they are employees of regional divisions of the company « RITEK » the known company in the oil and gas branch specialising on all-round application of innovative methods and technologies in oil extracting.

the Cup in honour of the outstanding oil industry worker

the Cup of Grajfera this year play already in the third time. And its history is directly connected with a name of the founder of the company « RITEK ». In 1992 one of the famous oil industry workers of Russia Valery Isaakovich Grajfer became the first general director RITEKa. Today it the Chairman of Boards of directors of Open Society « LUKOIL » and Open Society « RITEK ». In honour of 80 - letija the honourable oil industry worker of the Russian Federation, the full member of Academy of mountain sciences of Russia   annual cup RITEKA on volleyball has received his name.

Game for the third place was same grasping, as final


is a decision it was accepted collectively and, naturally, without me, - smiling, the Valery Grajfer who has arrived on Tournament has explained to us. - - I did not accept in it participation, have simply understood what to protest silly. People voice – it is a voice God`s. If my name helps to unite people – I only am glad. Always I try to be present on competitions. I very much like this sport, game hazardous, temperamental, it is very healthy that our employees as warmly concern volleyball, as well as I.

Health as the main dividend

In RITEKe in sports are engaged all: from simple workers to the general director of the company. This course was set just by Valery Grajfer. Certainly, the most popular sport is volleyball, but employees play both in football, and in hockey, and in tennis. Tournament in Kubok Grajfera acknowledgement to that in RITEKe give to an active and healthy way of life great attention.

Happy winners - « command; Kogalymnefteprogress »


- I am present the second year at competitions, and I see, how every year level of commands improves, it very much pleases, - the general director of Open Society « speaks; RITEK » Nikolay Nikolays. - on a broader scale competitions affect collective very positively. In - the first, they really unite people, children on a platform start to understand each other from a half-word. In the command all is got on, when there is a full mutual understanding. And the command - - it is important not only on athletic field, but also in daily work – it both an extraction brigade, and a brigade of underground major repairs of chinks, and just on such mutuals employees learn to operate amicably and solid. In - the second, it also health. And health - are the best dividends which can be received.

Winners of tournament have received from management RITEKa of a medal, gifts and Kubok Grajfera