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Term of payment of property taxes

Terms of payment of taxes to property the such comes nearer:

the ground tax - not later than November, 1st of the year following after year for which the tax, in all municipal unions, except some is estimated. Exceptions:

on November, 15th - the Goose - Crystal (a city and area), the Simsky joint venture, district Moore;

on November, 10th - the Nebylovsky, Borisoglebsky, Kovarditsky joint venture;

on November, 5th - the cities of Kolchugino, Jurev - Polish, Vladimir.

the Transport tax - uniform term of payment in territory of all   Vladimir region on November, 1st.

Area tax departments have already directed to all proprietors of the ground areas and vehicles of the notification message and payment documents on payment of ground and transport taxes. If you have not received them, be converted into inspection in a residence. Phones and addresses of the tax inspection can be found on the main page of a site www. r33. nalog. ru in section « Property taxes » and in a heading « to Physical persons ».

And here the tax to property to many inhabitants of Vladimir region this year it is not necessary to pay. Because this tax for 2010 has been estimated and collected by tax departments then, in 2010, now receipts will not come. The exception will be made by citizens by whom the tax has been counted for any reason, for example, from - for disappearances of the right to a privilege.

For 2011 it will be necessary to pay the tax to property not later than November, 1st, 2012, accordingly and tax notification messages will come only next year, as well as under the transport and ground tax for 2011.

All on area it is estimated to payment for 2010 of the ground tax to 612 thousand citizens in the sum of 236 million rbl., the transport tax to 287 thousand tax bearers – 730 million rbl. Has arrived from physical persons of taxes to October, 20th of current year, taking into account paid in 2010 and in 2011γγ. Under the added taxes for 2010:

· the ground tax – 180 million rbl.

· the transport tax – 488 million rbl.