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Highways of all Russia

All know, roads - the main misfortune of our country. However, recently quality of a covering becomes much better. The leading role in important process first of all is played by occurrence of new materials and modern technologies. But it is impossible to ignore and merits of those who works in this branch, after all by right it is possible to name their work exploit.

the Oryol branch - the structural division of the Federal state unitary enterprise at Federal agency of special building has been generated in 1994 as 447 - e management dorozhno - civil work (mechanisation) 1371 - go territorial dorozhno - building management.

In this time management has executed great volume of works - with 1994 for 1997 Mtsenske, settlement Pokrovsk the Oryol region, settlement Volovo and the city of Efremov of the Tula area took part in erection of apartment houses for military men and the civil personnel in the Eagle. With 1998 for 2005 were under construction and highways in settlements Novosil, by Zalegoshch, Korsakovo and in a city the Eagle were reconstructed.


In 2002 - 2003 management took part in structure of summary group on liquidation of consequences of act of nature in North Ossetia RSO - Alanija. In 2004 made dorozhno - civil work on building of Federal road M3 « Ukraine ». In 2005 - 2006 - Federal road M4 « Don ». 2007 - highway major repairs « Kaluga - Peremyshl - Belev - the Eagle ». 2008 - j - reconstruction of line 5 « Ural Mountains ». Since 2008 the municipal road to a city Peace - object « was put in order; Angara » in the Arkhangelsk region. Since 2009 the enterprise is engaged in repair and building of highways in South Ossetia.

Today this organisation number more than 160 persons, has modern park dorozhno - the building and automobile technics in 84 units. All employees know the business, become real professionals. Besides, the collective constantly replenishes with new shots - young experts, graduates of military technical university of the city of Balashikha of Moscow Region every year come.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens insufficiently. Presently all becomes more difficult to find highly-skilled personnel as engineering - technicians, and machinists, and workers of the bottom link.


But in management of a construction of roads and airdromes successfully consult and with this problem - to correspond to requirements of the modern market, it is necessary to master new technologies, to acquaint experts with program complexes, administrative work of a linear link (the construction superintendent, the chief of a site), machinists to train in work on the new technics. As a rule, time in 1 - 2 years all employees pass the retraining directed on improvement of professional skill. Courses and employment in training industrial complexes, the firms delivering the corresponding equipment, technics and the software will if necessary be organised.

For today of objects of building in territory of the Oryol region at management is not present, and it is one more problem from which it is necessary to be reconciled, - it is heavy to work in conditions when objects are far from a firm permanent residence. The primary goals of the organisation at present are:

- a construction of roads of republican value in Republic South Ossetia territory;

- highway reconstruction at the cosmodrome « Plesetsk »;

- building and reconstruction of roads and airdromes on military - sea base in Severomorsk;

- cosmodrome building « East » with access roads and airdrome.

Recently new technologies everywhere take root, beginning from ultraprecise geodetic devices (taheometry), capable to work with satellite systems instead of theodolites and roulettes, and also systems of the automated designing (instead of a pencil and a ruler) before use of the newest dorozhno - the building technics and materials (asfaltobetony new generation, cold-resistant and kapilljaropreryvajushchie the layers, new systems of a drainage and other), capable to improve quality and service life of roads.

Following the lead of the country leaders, now the organisation passes on online - work. It allows to analyze faster a situation and in the shortest terms to make necessary decisions.

Already throughout more than 20 years management successfully carries out all problems put before it by the state, working as time in the severe conditions and in maximum short terms. The Karmadonsky gorge (2002), post-war Republic South Ossetia, objects of the Far North and federal highways it is far not the complete list of merits of amicable and highly professional collective. These people with honour consult with all difficulties, for what many employees have been awarded awards of the Minister of Defence, the minister of transport, heads of areas, regions. Their everyday work, uneasy, but such necessary to all inhabitants of our country, by right is reputable also for a worship.