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LEGI: Our graduate is capable to realise itself

Graduates of popular high school work in administrative structures of a city and area, bank sphere and state enterprises, in private business and federal budgetary establishments. And today in LEGI over 700 students are trained in the government, economy bases, management, foreign languages.

- At us all conditions for high-grade noegenesis from the accented ecological component are created, - rector LEGI shares in conversation with us to. So-called Victor Filonenko. - Own library of high school (with two reading rooms, the electronic catalogue and Internet connection) totals more than 27 thousand units of storage. Besides, students and teachers are provided by access to electronic library system « Knigofond ». Following the results of examinations the nominal grant by bank - partner LEGI is paid to the best students. Our high school has passed for the first time the state accreditation in the Lipetsk region on new system and new requirements (till 2017). We have accredited preparation of bachelors, experts and masters on the integrated groups of specialities (directions). Now, opening in these frameworks any other direction, it will automatically be accredited that is very convenient.

Students LEGI not only gnaw a science granite, high school life of children is sated and mnogoplanova - student`s amateur performance, participation in KVN, competitions, concerts helps children to open and perfect the talents. And achievements in sport LEGI - on a broader scale a separate subject (such exposition of awards, diplomas, cups seldom in what high school you will see). Among students of high school - champions of the country, Europe on shooting, vitse - the world champion on a pool, the champion of Romania (!) On hockey. Basketball team LEGI as equals plays with masters, representing area in the regular student`s championship of Russia.

- We are grateful for the big help in preparation of our basketball players, rendered by regional management of physical training, sports and tourism in the name of its chief Vladimir Vasilevicha Dementyev, - marks Filonen - to. - Playing sports is not only healthy way of life, but self-discipline and concentration that in life very much it is useful to children. Quite often complain on molo - dezh - not so all at them yes not edak. As a matter of experience our high school, I will tell that children it is important to carry away, help to reveal, prove it. At LEGI, entered during a maturity time, the highly skilled teaching structure, capable to give to children and quality education, and correct reference points in life. Children have also a pressing forward to work (already with 2 - go a course they aspire to earn not to the detriment of study), and an active vital position. Ecological group of institute - the constant participant of the various public actions, four students LEGI are members of youth parliament of Lipetsk, high school youth actively participate in public life of the regional centre.

From walls of our high school we aspire to let out not easier experts stuffed with the information, and the purposeful young men ready to self-development, able to be guided in modern vital realities and capable to realise the saved up stock of knowledge.