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Respected voronezhtsy!

the Secretary of Political council of the Voronezh regional branch of party « an United Russia » Vladimir Netesov.

on December, 4th you should make a choice between various political parties. I want to remind you that « UNIFORM Russia » is the force uniting people, occupied with everyday creative work for the blessing of all our citizens. The weapon of our opponents - populism and loud phrases, attempts to play light memoirs on the epoch which has left in the past or nationalist sentiments. Thus « UNIFORM Russia » all ten years of the existence it is urged to deduce the country from this crisis to which it has got after disorder of the USSR which has happened in many respects thanks to inability of communist party to operate by Soviet Union.

Our opponents like to reproach with authorities in power 90 - e years, remembering impudent privatisation of the huge mammons created by generations of our fathers and grandfathers, about mass poverty and criminal usages reigning in the country. But I want to remind you that at that time party « UNIFORM Russia » has not been generated yet, unlike the majority of our political opponents. A leah they could as - that to change a situation in 90 - h? Certainly, could: after all present opponents « UNIFORM Russia » Made the qualified majority in the State Duma, and any decisions could make in it. But they have found common language only today, in a unison criticising our party. In 90 - e when collapsing and nishchajushchaja Russia needed their joint decisions, they and could not work together because struggled, as always, not for people and the country, and for the power over them.

Today at us behind the back ten years of work. Their most important result - preservation of multinational Russia as uniform state. In 1991 - the m when has collapsed on a part of the USSR, seemed to much that the same fate inevitably waits also Russia. But we have not simply stood and have got stronger. Our leaders - Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev - initiated work on creation of qualitatively new association of the independent states on the post-Soviet territory - the Euroasian union. Already in the near future it should unite 89 % of territory of the former USSR that will allow us to solve more effectively arising economic and social problems.

Not so long ago new crisis has fallen upon Russia - this time world. And again any party has not got into gear on overcoming of its consequences. Our opponents have not been interested in the help to people - them political dividends which can be received on difficulties of Russians interested. But our party has proved: it is UNIQUE political force which is ready and will confront with any complexities.

We managed then to consult in many respects thanks to decision in due time accepted by Vladimir Putin on formation of stabilisation fund of the country. The opposition repeatedly demanded to spend the means accumulated in it and to close Fund. If « UNIFORM Russia » Rigidly has not insisted on the, in 2008 - 2009 millions people would remain without work, habitation and means of subsistence.

those years almost all states of the world have gone on scale decrease in the social obligations. And only « UNIFORM Russia » has achieved not simply preservation of the reached level of social guarantees, but also their increase under earlier declared obligations. So, despite financial crisis, in Russia pensions continued to raise stably. And today, when the world economy is threatened with possibility of the second wave of crisis, « UNIFORM Russia » guarantees to inhabitants of the country and area the safety factor generated thanks to purposeful work of party which will allow not to recede from one of current social obligations.

One more basic moment: the leader of the list « UNIFORM Russia » President Dmitry Medvedev has declared necessity of decentralisation of budgetary processes for the country. It will allow regions to earn own money, to spend them for additional measures of social responsibility before inhabitants of territories. For the Voronezh region which is headed by Alexey Gordeyev, similar reform bears particular advantages. Our governor has managed for two and a half a year to deduce region in number of ten most investitsionno attractive subjects of federation. In area economy it is enclosed more than 100 billion rbl. private and public funds. Promptly there is an updating of social sphere. Principles of budgetary federalism will allow « UNIFORM Russia » not simply to accelerate this work, but also to deduce it on qualitative more high level.

on December, 4th each of us can bring the contribution to those changes which go to Russia and areas. And if we believe that are worthy them, we want, that they proceeded, we will vote that who stands up for the begun transformations - parties « UNIFORM Russia ».

the Secretary of Political council of the Voronezh regional branch of party « an United Russia » Vladimir netesov.

It is paid from selective fund of political party « an United Russia ».