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The future city polyclinic grows in Syktyvkar by leaps and bounds, and road service station not has appeared in time to term

In capital Komi have begun already on - to the present winter colds, and it means that soon will start to be frozen not only noses and ears of inhabitants of our city, but also the majority of buildings which proceeded in the spring, in the summer and in the autumn. And what will be with socially important objects which the mayoralty promised to hand over very soon? To learn it « city building has walked on the most important things.

Despite deterioration of weather conditions and reduction of day, on the buildings of the future road service station new polyclinic fenced with a green fence and the market the rumble of motors and a voice of workers so work proceeds is heard.

Territory where the new building of polyclinic 1 is erected, it is fenced by a high fence and iron collars, on all corners warning tablets and signs, like « are hanged out; the input is prohibited Strangers! » « Without a helmet not to go! ». Though, strong desire to enter on territory where tower pair of high-rise cranes with cargo in some tons, hardly at somebody will appear. Here and we observing safety measures, have decided to call all the same one of workers to the above-named fence to talk about building.

- For today we have already risen to the second floor. I think that by New year the building case we will finish and we will put under a roof, - the worker has told. - hitches with building are not present, we work according to the lights. And that will turn out in the end of building look on the poster about an input.


On the poster all terms are accurately specified.


it is valid, on a motley yellow signboard before collars the project of the future three-storyed polyclinic is embodied, it is necessary to wait only the end of December, 2012 when the project promise to finish.

On building of the future central market which have decided to unite with road service station us has met the same one-and-a-half-metre fence on which hangs brightly - the yellow poster with the project of a building of the future complex of constructions.


When syktyvkartsy will start to leave with new road service station - it is not known.

As workers, in terms which in large print are printed on a signboard have explained, building, to put it mildly, is not entered. Even it is more if to employ all building forces of a city, to be in time all the same it will not be possible, because the third quarter 2011 appearing on the poster, it is already finished. By the way, strong vanity on the building it is not noticed: as an equal rumble the dredge works, workers slowly move in a building, something measure and level.


On road service station and market building now without vanity.

- This building goes slowly, - the workers, going to smoke about a front entrance speak, - Shops and huge shopping centres as - that manage to finish for 2 - 3 months, and we in the beginning of 2010 have begun and only the case we complete - that money is not present, workers.


Building which should take down, will soon complete

On ours « spot-check » we have reached, let and not to socially significant, but very known building in a city — the future trading complex on a crossroads of Kuratova - May Day. At an erected building, we were met all by the same green fence, but any signs, posters and signboards has not been noticed.

Under the writ of Office of Public Prosecutor a building should take down already as it is autocratic construction, and the permission gave only on the movable object standing in this place. However, despite of everything, building proceeds.


Building proceeds.

it becomes fast in a city of shops more than people! - the elderly man is indignant, passing by windows, the future shopping centre.

Outwardly the building bears a strong resemblance to the bristled up hedgehog: iron beams of a board though on one half already had time to establish windows - show-windows everywhere stick out. From a backyard building warming, there proceeds and it was possible to find pair of workers which have agreed to communicate.

- Building of this building - a continuous problem it build close to take down think, - one of builders tells to us. - before us now an object in view: To finish external furnish approximately till December, 22nd of this year, and then to start already internal works.

Though, probably yet it is not necessary to hurry — suddenly again will decide to take down. By the way, say that this shopping centre all the same recognised as movable, therefore and build. Only as it to understand, workers yet do not know...