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To force out a pain

it is easy to live without a pain who would argue. Not to think of the backbone and joints, not to scream each time at turn, an inclination or a bend. Unfortunately, not all can brag of absence of similar painful sensations. And on that is a number of the objective and subjective reasons.

- the Back pain is a payment for the blessings of a civilisation and a wrong way of life, - the supervisor of studies of the Center of therapy of a backbone and joints of the European clinic « speaks; Siena - Honey » the doctor of medical sciences, professor Vyacheslav Kutashov. - the Nature to the person takes away continuous movement - search of berries and korenev, hunting, - in which is involved work of all muscles of a body. At the modern person constantly perenaprjazheny one groups of muscles also are weakened others. The wrong bearing is as a result formed, blood supply of structures of a backbone, a food by their liquid is broken. It leads to infringement of function of vertebras and back pains.

the Most frequent visitors of our Center is, strangely enough, office workers and drivers. Their stiffened vertebras have an effect strong painful symptoms. Thus middle age of patients « looks younger » every year. Today with pains in a backbone and joints all to a bowl people in the blossoming of forces - 30 - are converted 35 years. And both men, and women suffer from such pains equally. They are ruined by an inactive way of life and unwillingness to listen to the organism. And after all anything especially difficult to do also it is not necessary. There is a simple rule: forty minutes has spent behind a table - rise, walk, knead muscles. From work at office or long sitting at the wheel it is necessary to compensate harm employment in a gym under the direction of the instructor, skiing, the fads or swimming. And the dream is still very important: it is necessary to sleep not less than eight hours a day. And at the first painful sensations in the field of a back or joints not to run in a drugstore in search of a fashionable medicine, not to self-medicate, and to be converted to experts.

it is interesting that pains in the field of a backbone can and not have to « the main axis » the direct relation. They can be called and thyroid gland diseases, and is warm - vascular diseases, illnesses of lungs, bodies of a small basin and others. Only the doctor, having spent careful survey and having studied necessary analyses, can make the exact diagnosis and appoint correct treatment.

it is frequent to us patients with the chronic, started forms of illnesses come. They admit that have gone in due time not to the neurologist, and have independently appointed to itself a massage course in a beauty salon. And here result …

it is necessary to concern a backbone and joints extremely carefully. Throughout all life they constantly test various loadings and can be injured at a raising of weights, during accident, a wrong bearing, from - for stress. It is necessary to consider and the ageing factor - with the years in an organism there are degenerate changes. The person grows old, and it has diseases which can contribute in pains in a backbone.

Experts of the Center of therapy of a backbone and joints have developed the program of complex treatment of diseases of a backbone and joints, including an osteochondrosis, a hernia mezhpozvonkovyh disks, kifozov, infringements of a bearing, scolioses, artrozov and other diseases oporno - the impellent device. At their order - the newest methods of research, diagnostics and treatment. However, the uniform scheme of treatment is not present - special, strictly individual program is developed for each patient, including on author`s works of experts of the Center of therapy of a backbone and joints. Here work on methods defanoterapii and artrovertebrologicheskoj the modulations, allowing effectively to influence a backbone, joints, muscles and nervous system of the patient.

Our Center is equipped by the modern equipment which allows to spend ultrasonic scanning, computer diagnostics. Besides, the patient should not go from the expert to the expert as diagnostic researches are carried out in a uniform complex of the techniques chosen taking into account its specific features.

We hope that visitation of our clinic will be one more step on a way to restoration oporno - the impellent device and to recover.

the clinic Address: Voronezh, street 60 - j Armies, d. 22 (ost. « the Line »), t. 8(473) 247 - 77 - 55, www. sienamed. ru


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