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If you want to be healthy - be checked

next year the Prague city council intend to organise medical information centres across all Prague. Thus the city council wants to put prazhan and foreigners before necessity health even more cares of the.

the First such centre will start to work with the beginning of 2012 in a building of the Prague city council located on street Jungmanovoj. For its equipment it is already spent 750 thousand crones.

In the centre it will be possible to measure pressure, sugar or cholesterol level in blood, i.e. to pass base inspection which does not demand presence and participation of the doctor. Besides in the centre there will be to a disposition a list of all medical institutions of Prague and their contact information. Employees of the centre will advise, where will better be converted behind professional medical aid in case of need into that.

For now the centres are just created, it is possible till the end of this week free of charge and anonymously to be tested   on a HIV (AIDS) which is carried out within the limits of the action against AIDS in CHR. Details on www. aids - pomoc. cz.