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Chicken with a pumpkin and mushrooms

simple enough in preparation, it it is possible to prepare This dish both at week-day and in a feast. Your visitors will be pleasantly surprised. But it has one more plus, it does not need a garnish.

the Pumpkin 350 g

mushrooms white dry 50 g

butter vegetative 2 items of l.

  butter creamy 1,5 items of l.

the onion napiform 1 sht

a chicken is powerful 1,5 kg

a lemon, only juice 1 sht

cream fat content of 35 % of 250 ml

fennel 2 - 3 branches


Mushrooms to put in a bowl, to fill in with 1,5 glasses of hot water and to leave for 30 minutes

the Chicken to wash up, dry a paper towel, to cut on 8 parts, to skin. A lemon to cut half-and-half, to rub with it pieces of a chicken.

In the big frying pan to warm up vegetable oil, to fry a chicken on strong fire during 10 – 12 minutes, before education of a golden crust. To shift in a deep pan.

the Pumpkin to clear, remove seeds and fibres, to cut pulp cubes with the party 2 the Onion see to clear, small to chop. Mushrooms to cast away on a colander, to dry and cut small slices. Infusion to filter.

to Warm up in sotejnike butter, to put an onion and to fry, stirring slowly, 3 minutes to Add mushrooms and a pumpkin. To prepare, stirring slowly, 10 minutes to Salt, pepper. To pour in cream and 4 items of l. Mushroom infusion. To prepare on average fire, without a cover, 10 minutes

to Warm up an oven to 180 ° S.Vylozhit a creamy mix in a pan with a chicken to mix and put in an oven for 40 minutes Fennel to wash out, crush and strew a ready dish.

Bon appetit!

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