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The sir Varvarzhovsky on the guard

It on 491 statement more than for the similar period of last year.

In 60 % of cases hit was « in a point » -   business appeared in the competence of the ombudsman. From July till October of this year Varvarzhovsky has dispatched some recommendations to officials. So the Minister of Finance has received from it the information, concerning video lottery terminals. The ombudsman has considered that the Ministry ignores positions of the lottery law in a part reguljatsionnyh the rights of local governments and has called these rights to respect. What is this self-government institutions, the right if it operates nothing?!

the ombudsman and imperfections of new visa system Visapoint which urged to give   Was engaged; To foreigners check in possibility on filing of application about granting of long-term or constant residence permit. However the system in some countries did not work. Or worked so strange that foreigners have been urged to complain. And it is not ineffectual, as you can see.

Varvarzhovsky also has paid attention of law enforcement bodies to cases of car accidents with easy exod when participants sort out the relations without a police call. In its opinion, this procedure should not exclude possibility of the further legal intervention of official bodies. And officials have agreed with the ombudsman. And that truth: today participants of failure have come to the mutual arrangement, tomorrow they will look at the same business differently, the third party therefore should have the right to interfere, though and on such « trifles ».

Paul Varvarzhovsky and with discrimination, particularly, with its labour version struggled. The material was generously given by Intrenet - portals with offers of vacancies. « every sixth announcement contained from one to several discrimination formulations. But bearers of announcements have admitted these misses obviously not from malicious intention, and from - for legislation ignorances » - the slogger - the ombudsman has underlined.