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Cheese soup with quenelles

the Recipe of this soup to us was sent by Natalia from Lugansk. In her family – this one of favourite dishes. And even her son who hates the first, never will refuse a plateau of this rich soup.

mincemeat - 300;

a potato - 3 pieces;

carrots - 1 piece;

an onion napiform - 1 piece;

cheese (gauda) - 50 (it is possible more);

pepper fragrant peas,


greens - on taste;

butter vegetative for obzharki

the Potato to cut cubes, to add in boiling water and to cook to readiness. An onion and carrots small to cut. To warm up a frying pan, to add butter, to put the crushed carrots and to fry before clarification. To add an onion and to fry together with carrots to golden colour. To lay out zazharku in a broth with a potato.

From forcemeat to blind quenelles and to add in soup. To reduce fire and to cook quenelles to readiness, without forgetting to remove formed foam.

In ready soup to add grated cheese, to stir, allow to it to fuse and remove a pan from fire. To pour soup on plates, to strew greens and a tax on a table.

Bon appetit!

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