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In a present national team there is no the player equal to Kozmichu...

Alas, Kozmich as named its all in the football world, has not lived before this date 11 days... To remember the legendary person we have asked another well-known torpedovtsa.

Victor Shustikov, the defender, Ivanov`s long-term partner on « a Torpedo » and a national team of the USSR, silver prize-winner Evro - 1964:

- We have got acquainted with Kozmichom of more half a century back. When I have come in 1957 in « a Torpedo » it already was the well-known football player, the leader and club, and a national team of the USSR. Therefore I first could not believe at all that I will leave in the field together with such players, as Ivanov, Voronin, Sagittariuses. But all of them treated youth very kindly. Kozmich constantly and in the field, and in life something prompted, gave any advice. Very kind person was! It on a broader scale was one of the basic lines of its character. After game in a locker room necessarily spoke to the young: you should more close to attacking play, to you forward to be put forward more often, assorted a match on stones. We constantly looked at it: as it in game conducts itself(himself) that does, tried to imitate. Very much lasted, that on its background to look bad.

If to compare Ivanov - the football player to players from present generation of Russian national team even to choose there is nobody. Bringing down, of course, would be strongest today. Perhaps, Arshavin something is similar to it. Ivanov had a phenomenal vision of a field. When you receive a ball, on you at once the rival goes, tries to select a ball, and you under this pressure should find the addressee whom to give transfer. So at Kozmicha always such addressees was three - four, and he chose the best from them. It is rare gift - so to see a field, now such football players each and all.

In my opinion, Kozmichu has very much carried with the wife. Lydia Gavrilovna the sportswoman of the highest level, it the double Olympic champion on sports gymnastics, therefore perfectly understood, than and as there lives the football player. In its successes there was also its very big contribution. Last years he strongly was ill, Lydia Gavrilovna looked after it, tried to make everything to help Kozmichu.

Not to any big football player allowed to become the big trainer, but Bringing down has managed to pass this boundary. As the trainer for « a Torpedo » it has made not less, than as the player. He was able to work with football players, was, when it is necessary, strict, could « napihat » so that not seemed to anybody a little, but it and learnt. The set of players is not casual consider itself as its pupils. On it the history with club disorder, of course, has very strongly struck. All torpedovtsam was bitter to see, where the glorified command has rolled down, but it was appreciable, how strongly he worried. Very bitterly that it is not present more...