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To propagandists have run into debt money?

- I and me Soltan has already run into debt single mother about twenty thousand roubles! - Petersburger Veronica Gladkov complained, facing party office « SR » in the street Rubinshtejna. - For me it is the big money.

Veronica, as well as five more townspeople, - pensioners, students - has decided to earn additionally on elections. The blessing propagandists are now necessary to all candidates for ZakS. Here and spravedlivoros Paul Soltan typed people - to stick leaflets, to carry party newspapers on mail boxes, to stand with posters at metro stations. To it - that poor fellows also have got a job. Some months in any weather they dragged heavy newspaper packs on entrances, froze in pickets in the street. And when has come to receive time money, it has appeared that the deputy of anything is not going to pay in it.

- He in the rough form has told by phone that money will not give, - has sighed Gladkov. - I on a dictophone have written down conversation. If all does not dare peacefully, I will be converted into court.

Veronica together with five colleagues by misfortune has decided to achieve justice at first by negotiations. They have risen at a staff eserov with posters « Soltan, pay for a rating of newspapers and leaflets! » and « Soltan, return money! ». Hoped that party fellows will convince the colleague what to deceive and « to throw » people badly. But those only occasionally ran out on street, demanded from holding a meeting to disperse and assured that Sotlan - the fairest person. The member of parliament, as well as its assistants, to the propagandists did not leave.

Pensioner Svetlana Silin did not cry nearly: for it four thousand roubles which promised to it for work, - the big money, she counted on them. And fairly stood at metro stations every day - with eserovskimi posters and leaflets. And here the students performing the same work, were not going to pour some tear. They have been adjusted resolutely: Wanted to tell to all city how with them Soltan has managed.

After an hour holding a meeting have abandoned at a threshold eserovskogo a staff flags, propaganda boards and the rests of leaflets and have left. Peacefully to achieve justice it has not turned out.


the Deputy of Petersburg ZakSa Paul SOLTAN:

- I the person opened, is always ready to communicate. But about claims of these inhabitants why - that I learn only from you. To me they were not converted. If to remember the previous election campaigns similar incidents with people who help me, were not.

It is all very similar on the political order from competitors. On last elections and at all on district extended leaflets ostensibly from my name with data that I leave to work not that in Smolnyj, not that to Moscow. And before day of voting by phone rang round inhabitants and said that I have acted in film from elections.