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Four simple ways to switch off a headache

We have got used, hardly starts to bang in temples or to squeeze a nape, to catch for analgetiki. Though it is known that these medicines have weight of ghost effects - and a stomach badly influence, both by a liver are hardly deduced, and kidneys overload. It is good, if a head - of your strong place and pills swallow not more often than time in half a year.

And if the head cracks almost every day? The reasons more often or vascular (from weather and pressure), or from pressure - stresses and the urged pose behind a computer or a car wheel. How to cope with a headache without tablets? Here that experts advise:


it is scientifically proved that if the person suffers affliction often from headaches and thus at least 2 - 3 times a week are allocated a little with the time for massage attacks at it at least will be twice more rare and much weaker. Massage restores blood supply and allows an organism to relax, and it removes spasms - the main reason of a pain. Besides massage of a head it is very pleasant. Do by its smooth circular motions, moving ahead from a nape to a forehead. And the biopoint which is responsible for normalisation of pressure, is under an occipital hillock.


pressure Pains arise from - for stagnation of blood in area vorotnikovoj zones and consequently that muscles become numb and « kamenejut ». All is simple! We knead a neck, lifting a head upwards, then lowering downwards, then to the right - to the left and at last we do by a head circular motions. And in an ending point of each movement we do by a neck sipping movement and we fix a neck and a head in such position of seconds on 10. Then five seconds of rest, also it is started following movement.

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If a pain pulsing it is possible to put ice or a wet towel to temples - here there pass important arteries which supply with blood a cerebral cortex. Small decrease in temperature allows to muffle quickly a headache, informs CNN Health. On the contrary, if the pain is pressing it is necessary to put something warm on a back surface of a neck is will create outflow of blood and will lower pressure.


very often we cannot master a headache without medicines simply because we are not able to relax. From here and a constant overstrain. Allocate to your poor wretch « unloading » minutes - at least 20 minutes after the working day listen to pleasant background music (better without words not to concentrate on sense of a song and not to start to sing), study on jogovskomu in a principle to supervise breath (to breathe a stomach, « to force down » the breath rhythm is helps to remove stress). And the most important thing - it is necessary to accustom itself for short time to clear a head of all extraneous thoughts! According to scientists, for a day we usvai ­ vaem only 5 - 7 % of the necessary information, all other thoughts - empty efforts.