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At mass media in housing and communal services reform a responsible role

in 2012 the head of region, its assistants and heads of profile departments spoke About the basic directions of development of our area with journalists in a course « round tables » taken place within the limits of a forum.

We have visited on section « Housing - region municipal services » on which problems of housing and communal services with representatives of mass media were discussed by the assistant to the governor of the region Andrey Epaneshnikov.

this Dialogue was very important to both parties. After all, in spite of the fact that housing and communal services reform in our country and area in particular goes not one year, questions on it the population still has set. At this conjuncture mass-media became a link between all participants of reform: Executive power, business and proprietors of habitation. A platform where there should be regularly a fresh objective information on a course of reform and on which, according to the assistant to the head of region, all blanks in legal knowledge of proprietors should be liquidated.

it is unconditional, the most part of the questions arising at inhabitants of apartment houses, concerns habitation major repairs. Therefore Andrey Epaneshnikov also has begun the performance with the data about a course of capital repairs in Yaroslavl region.

For 2008 - 2011 in our region 58 % of available housing are repaired. And it means that, despite the scale work spent in area on repair of apartment houses with attraction of means of Fund of assistance to reforming housing - municipal services, the area of the apartment houses demanding major repairs, remains considerable. For this reason the Government of area within the limits of execution of the regional target program « the Complex program of upgrade and reforming housing - municipal services of Yaroslavl region » on 2011 - 2014 the decision on creation of regional fund of capital repairs has made.

to Become the participant of this program, as well as federal, it is possible for proprietors on conditions sofinansirovanija.

Andrey Epaneshnikov has noticed that for years of reform many efforts to generate institute of proprietors of habitation have been spent. It was difficult enough period, citizens could be defined not at once with the form of government the houses, executive power it was necessary to hold almost in each house meetings of tenants, explaining, what for it is necessary. But for today this process is finished. 99,7 % of proprietors were defined with that or management different way. Of 17 % - have chosen from them TSZH (according to the assistant to the governor, for today the most advanced and effective way of management of houses).

Journalists - participants « a round table » - at once have used possibility to resolve some of questions which they have received from readers of the editions.

In particular, to a press interested, a leah there are in Yaroslavl region the capital repairs financed from regional fund? Andrey Epaneshnikov has explained that 2011 - trial. In the form of experiment 18 houses are under repair: 10 in Rybinsk, the others - in the Yaroslavl area. On an example of these houses the mechanism of work of fund is fulfilled.

the Main point which is necessary for solving, naturally, financial. Already there is an arrangement of Yaroslavl region with the Savings Bank which will grant the loan for carrying out of capital repairs. To Rybinsk, in particular, extra means will be allocated for three years. How to be with proprietors who also participate on conditions sofinansirovanija? It will offer the scheme of repayment of the part of a debt for capital repairs in time from 10 till 15 years monthly equal shares. How - will dare at general meetings with tenants.

Interaction of proprietors with management companies - one more sharpest subject on which representatives of mass-media with Andrey Epaneshnikovym spoke. A leah is possible among UK a competition? What ways to solve with them conflicts? A leah is at executive power mechanisms with which help it is possible to influence not unfair UK?

the Assistant to the governor has expressed opinion that the competitive environment is already formed. Today not only proprietors can bring an attention to the question on replacement unfair UK. There was such right - to initiate re-elections - and at municipal authority. And where to complain of a management company if it does not carry out the obligations under the contract? In itself UK - she is obliged to react to the reference; in housing inspection; in department housing - municipal services. For today go -

sudarstvennoj by housing inspection of Yaroslavl region it is given out an order of 1700 writs to management companies on correction of defects in work. And only nearby 200 it is not executed yet. And it means that influence measures work.

journalists have set Some questions about the power savings program. Not a secret that installation obshchedomovyh account devices passes today slowly, especially it concerns counters on heat, hot and cold water. For the present the population does not have accurate representation, how much are work on installation who should do it. Though already there is an understanding that under the law expenses lay down on proprietors of habitation.

Andrey Epaneshnikov has asked both journalists, and proprietors to get acquainted with the information which places regional fund « more attentively; Power efficiency » in particular, on the site. Besides, the deputy head and itself has made some explanations. In particular, that is not present and there can not be a flat fare on equipment of the house by account devices. Because in each house the amount of works which is necessary for spending for installation of counters, - different and depends on many factors, one of which - degree of a deterioration of sites. The only thing that it is possible to tell precisely, is cost of devices of the account. Also has noticed that pleases that tenants understand necessity of this work.

In a course « a round table » has sounded also much and other questions from the population, sounded by journalists. That has once again confirmed opinion of a management of region: to carry out back coupling in housing and communal services sphere it is necessary, as it is necessary to analyze regularly on the open areas all steps on reform housing - municipal services.

- with that end in view on December, 24th the area government it decided to hold session of enforcement authorities, management companies, proprietors of habitation, - Andrey Epaneshnikov has informed journalists.