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Konstantin HABENSKY: I am am excited by thoughts on Kaligule

Why - that anybody especially was not surprised, when the priest - a star Phillip Kirkorov has sung with the opera star Anna Netrebko. About a duet of humorist Maxim Galkin with Alla Pugachevoj and to speak already indecently. And here news that on November, 29th Kostja Habensky will step on the stage the Big hall of the Philharmonic society with Yury Bashmet, has amazed. As - that is very unexpected and, we will not be afraid this word, elegantly. About that, as well as what for the actor was entered in chamber ensemble « Soloists of Moscow » « has asked Konstantin Habensky personally.

- Konstantin how you were come to mind by this idea?

- Yury Bashmet has suggested me to hear to a fragment from Schubert`s quartet « Death and the girl » and I have suggested to combine it with a fragment from the play « Kaligula » - has cleared up a situation Habensky. - the First test lasted nearby ten minutes. And it seemed to both of us that it will be the interesting project.

- Why have chosen for reading the text from « Kaliguly »? Same there was a performance which you davnym - played for a long time Petersburg.

- The matter is that the judgement and understanding of many expressions and words of emperor Kaliguly in this play has come to us, actors, for the ninth or tenth year of work in this performance. But when we have closed statement, thoughts about « Kaligule » all the same excited me.

- And still, can, miss Petersburg?

- In Peter I was born, have grown and have got education. Therefore this city out of discussion.

- a leah therefore use any possibility to arrive?

- And for this reason too. But in a native city it is always better to have a rest, rather than to work.

- you will read Kamju, and an orchestra - to play Schubert and Mahler. Leah and to you is possible so, as a hobby, to go to the concert often simply classical music or still where - nibud?

- At me not so often it turns out to visit concerts, but when it turns out, for me this event and huge pleasure.

- you act in a film with Brad Pitt « World war Z ». Well have already mastered English?

- English, as well as my trade, is in a knowledge stage.

- a leah Begin to act in film in serials if will call? Remember the Igor Plahova?

- Certainly, for me a serial « Destructive power » and the character were a springboard. I with heat remember this work. Last television serial - « the Admiral » further any interesting offers did not arrive.