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Victor Kostin: Quality of life in region will be and to improve further

as the Basic speaker on section the assistant to the governor Victor Kostin has acted. He has noticed that social policy - one of the most important directions of work of the regional government of area. And the main task which put before itself of the region power, remains immutable. This improvement of quality of life of the population.

Victor Kostin has told that changes in all branches of social sphere - in education, public health services, culture, the youth policy now approach. However each innovation, the assistant to the governor has underlined, demands time. The help of mass-media - in unbiased interpretation of actions, in an explanation to their people is here again irreplaceable.

- We face often that some teleologically try to discover lacks or give obviously false information in a pursuit of the scandalous facts. It misinforms the population. Actually that is made in Yaroslavl region for today, is a fruit of enormous efforts, huge work though, certainly, not all goes so smoothly as we would like, - Kostin has noted.

that the situation in social sphere in 2008 - has improved 2011, figures confirm. The rate of unemployment in region has decreased in 1,5 times. It is connected as with support of the existing enterprises and establishments, and with opening new, including a social orientation. The size of a salary of the population for 2011 has grown on 15 %. Have gone upwards and demographic indicators: death rate was reduced, there was more birth rate and life expectancy.

According to Kostin, the family support service became one of the basic directions of social policy in our area. Under the government decision new payment - the regional family capital is entered. It is necessary to families at a birth of the third and each subsequent child. The size of payment makes 50 thousand roubles. And though this sum, in opinion zamgubernatora while it is insignificant, main - the beginning is necessary.

Other measure of support of families are monthly payments to what children do not go to kindergarten for the reasons independent of parents. Thus Kostin has underlined that work on that places in kindergartens sufficed, proceeds. For 2010 - 2011 in region 1885 occasional seats have been opened, and by 2014 is planned about 5 thousand. There will be a building of new kindergartens, preschool centres will come back in an education system so, there will be new workplaces for teachers.

As to the last since September, 1st of this year the salary of tutors and teachers has been raised on 30 %. Besides, the decision on support of the teachers was accepted, leaving to work on village. In this case with it it will be allocated in 1 million roubles for building of own habitation.

the program on maintenance with habitation of large families is not less important also. For 2010 - 2011 for these purposes it has been allocated about 115 million the roubles, as a result new apartments were received by 56 families. Till 2015 it is planned to settle 215 more families.

Much is made and in public health services. Successfully functions perinatalnyj the centre, more than in 30 medical institutions of area there is a repair and delivery of the new equipment. Hospitals from municipal balance are translated to regional level. In immediate prospects - building of the new rehabilitation centre for newborns, the rehabilitation centre for children with the limited possibilities, creation of electronic registries, increase in a salary of physicians.

the Childhood and youth is too that sphere, without which concept « social policy » would be incomplete. Summing up to the left summer, Victor Kostin has noticed that in area there has successfully enough passed children`s improving campaign. Without failures have fulfilled almost all camp. The new system of maintenance of children has been entered by vacation packages - partially expenses for it were compensated from the regional budget.

does not remain without attention and education. New state standards have been entered into areas for elementary school. As the first deputy of the director of department of education participating in section Michael Gruzdev has noted, the majority of schools of region have been supplied by all equipment necessary for it, preparation of teachers was carried out, work with the future first-graders and their parents was conducted. He also has told that in Yaroslavl and area the additional education centres function, the centre of remote learning for children - invalids in which already today are engaged more than 150 persons is created.

the government and culture sphere Actively is engaged. In this direction there is an improvement financially - technical base, a professional training, development of new projects. And the result of this activity is available. In area almost all temples are restored. Other achievement is an introduction of modern technologies and public attraction to museums and the exhibitions which are based here. And Victor Gennadevich has told about start plans in Yaroslavl of the channel « Circus - TV » which, having passed a test announcement in a mode the Internet - television, can quite become the federal channel.

revival of norms GTO became One of the most powerful innovations in area. According to the director of department participating in discussion for youth affairs, physical training and Alexander Tserkovnogo`s sports, it considerably will affect rising generation health. As a whole on area active work on opening of new sports objects is conducted. So, for example, it is constructed FOK in settlement Osier-beds, in Pereslavl - Zalessky the covered Ice palace is built. In plans - creation in the field of school of the Olympic reserve.

Summing up section, Victor Kostin has underlined that for the last years in our region the set of the various measures directed on increase of a standard of living of the population is accepted. And in the near future this work remains in the centre of attention of the regional power.

- In spite of the fact that we meet the various difficulties connected both with absence of money resources, and with misunderstanding and criticism of some people, we are assured that quality of life in region will be and to improve further, and Yaroslavl region can take in the lead positions among subjects of the Russian Federation.