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Nano - on a nose!

it is healthy? Still. Only here one « but »: Europe - that just gradually refuses to make means with microparticles. Why?

the Inscription « NANO » - not advertising. The prevention

According to experts, for last 6 years in the world was registered by 367 patents on nanokosmetiku. It is More than 1000 means c microparticles already lies on counters: real and virtual. And in leaders of manufacture such giants bjuti - the industries, as Loreal and Avon.

- Was present nanokosmetichesky boom, - the chairman of the board Russian perfumery - cosmetic association tells, to. n. Tatyana Puchkova. - there were creams from the sun with nanochastitsami. Transparent! We have got used that means from sunburn of white colour so they are appreciable on a skin. And here the cream does not lose the protective properties, but thus it it is not visible. The product began to be popular...

And here the European and American agencies on security of products have reared. Nanochastitsy - they on that and nano to get into the deepest layers of a skin and even in a blood-groove. And what protects us from the sun? Dioksid the titan. It is capable to absorb an ultraviolet. When particles large, in a usual cream, they are considered as the safe. And in nanovide they collect in cages and call infringements in nervous system - such data of researches has been published in magazine « Nature ». Experiences were spent on mice. But conclusions have been made far-reaching. « to Use such means - all the same that there is a cream from sunburn » - scientists have declared.

And though the company which is letting out sun-protection nanokrem, has there and then given the data about ­ securities, buyers have already been frightened.

As a result in Europe was it is taken « a time - a miss » till 2013: Till this time scientists are going to draw definitive conclusions on security of particles. And manufacturers have obliged to warn the consumer that in a product there is something NANO. So a corresponding inscription on a jar or a small bottle not advertising. The prevention.

Have obliged to apply on a product a package of documents on security.

the Result: the European boom has come to naught.

But in this time « it was ground » on manufacture nanosredstv China. There cosmetics on security at all do not check: such in the Peoples Republic of China an official position.

the Disputable subject

- Microparticles use often enough in decorative means, in care of hair: and it is written that they help to deliver active substances directly under a skin, - Tatyana Puchkova continues. - I personally hope that it is an advertising course, actually they so deeply do not work. It is difficult to foretell consequences of their actions.

In Russia recently too steels carefully concern to nanosredstvam. Rospotrebnadzor demands to put such products on the special account. Since July, 1st, 2012 the new cosmetic legislation on which means with nanochastitsami should have security proofs will come into force.

Meanwhile nanokosmetika is very disputable subject...

it is quite possible, she will repeat destiny nanokraski for autocoverings. It was found out that they negatively influence breath, and their use have gradually brought to nothing.

Manufacturers of the Russian creams with microparticles assure that our cosmetics is nontoxical and very effective. And thanks to the small size the active substances favorably influencing a skin, can be delivered deep, feed it from within. And on the present to rejuvenate women and men.

very much it would be desirable to believe!

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