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The governor of Yaroslavl region Sergey VAHRUKOV: Our region has every chance to become the leader among subjects of the Russian Federation

In the performance the head of the government of area has told about the basic tendencies of development of the Yaroslavl region. As he said, the last some years of the power formulated the new approach and have now started to apply essentially new vision in complex development of all parties of ability to live of area.

Sergey Vahrukov has allocated three basic directions without which development our area hardly can leave on more high level of life. The economy, social sphere and an infrastructure, - here that, in its opinion, merits the most steadfast attention from the power.

- I am glad to notice that in all these three directions we conduct active work, - Sergey Alekseevich has explained. - it is unconditional, we hardly will manage to carry out all projects at once, but gradually our efforts will lead to concrete result.

According to the governor, the region economy always was and will be a priority direction in any undertakings. Now in area some programs which realisation results not only in preservation already available on territory of area of the enterprises, but also to occurrence of the new operate at once. So, for today in region 6 technoparks - in Novoselkah, Rybinsk, Tutaev and a number of other cities are already, 2 more projects expect the turn. In the majority of them there is a building of the large industrial enterprises of the companies - investors thanks to what in region considerable financial investments will be involved. One more plus is a creation of new workplaces, and also a specialised professional training together with area educational institutions that, undoubtedly, will give to inhabitants of area additional possibilities. The most important branches of economy of region for today are the mechanical engineering, chemistry and petrochemistry, pharmaceutical manufacture, agriculture and tourism. As to the last here had development its such directions, as recreational and business tourism. For support of this perspective branch by the regional budget additional means for restoration of monuments of architecture, building of modern hostels and development of tourist business in such cities, as Rostov, Pereslavl and Uglich are allocated. The agriculture also is not disregarded. More recently the area government has signed the contract with « Rosagrolizingom » about development in Ljubimsky area of the new centre of breeding animal industries. As a whole this program is calculated on 9 billion roubles and covers 18 projects in half of areas of area.

- For last four years incomes of Yaroslavl region have grown with 17 to 35 billion

Dialogue between a management of area and representatives of mass-media passed in easy conditions
the Photo: JURASOV Vyacheslav

roubles, - Sergey Vahrukov, - and it has told gathered those means thanks to which we can start programs of a social orientation. Already today in area the salary to workers of budgetary sphere some times raised, there is an upgrade of medical institutions, building of new kindergartens and schools. On - former there is a payment of social benefits, there is a help needy and to large families. Certainly, while we cannot capture everything, but that is made today, already considerable step forward. I am assured that in the nearest 2 - 3 years positive shifts in social policy of our area will be felt by all its inhabitants.

However without development of an infrastructure social policy, region economy cannot leave on worthy level. According to the governor of the region, the construction of roads for which next year it is already allocated about 3,9 billion roubles that practically in 2,5 times more than similar expenses in 2011 will be a priority direction in this sphere. One more important sphere - gasification of region which concerns not only inhabitants of the remote villages of area, but also the large enterprises needing delivery of gas in a considerable quantity. Besides this government of area places emphasis on development of power of region - building and commissioning of new boiler-houses, beginning from small and finishing large objects as, for example, Teninsky station capacity 450 MVt, about 70 % of means for which building it is enclosed by the Chinese investors.

Summing up to the performance, Sergey Vahrukov has underlined that, despite the general tendency to growth of indicators, rates at various areas can be different, however it does not influence in any way the general statement of the purposes.

- According to a task in view, the next years Yaroslavl region should rise strong on feet on all economic and social indicators and move further, raising level and quality of life of the population of region.

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