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the Chairman against a German baron : the most unusual off-road cars in Novosibirsk

we Live in Siberia, and under our conditions an off-road car - the most suitable means of transportation. However « Land Cruiser » or « Terrano » you will surprise nobody, and after all much so would like to be allocated on road... And we have prepared the review of the most unusual off-road cars which can be bought in Novosibirsk - from old all-wheel drive Gaza to huge « Toyotas » for the American market.

M GAS - 72 - the most ancient

« Yes same « Victory »! » - you will exclaim and will be not right a little. Really, appearance this car has inherited from legendary M GAS - 20, however the chassis and a number of units at it from an army off-road car GAS - 69. So the comfortable cross-country vehicle - with a soft upholstery of the salon, convenient armchairs and a sofa, hours, a radio receiver, but thus capable to drive on any impassability has turned out. With such road gleam M GAS - 72 were at all both a dirt, and snow, both sand, and steppe, both the broken roads, and boundless fields. No wonder that it enjoyed special love at chairmen of collective farms and the Village Soviets … Thus « Victory » the cross-country vehicle never was considered, and the own name at the car was not. It was issued with 1955 for 1958, 4677 copies of this unusual car as which consider as one of the first crossovers - the cars combining comfort and passableness have been constructed. On Gaza went and further - so, a body « Victories » ministered also a basis for … a snowmobile!

In our today`s review M GAS - 72 - most « the adult » the car, therefore if you decide it to get, prepare for difficulties. On Novosibirsk car markets « an automobile off-road car » offer, as a rule, only on analysis, but it is thus inexpensive enough. But you will kill at once two hares - having restored M - 72, we will find as enough quite good cross-country vehicle, and the stylish retro car.

the Interior M GAS - 72.
the Photo: from a site retro055. narod. ru

TTH M GAS - 72

Length/ width/ height - 4,61,71,7 m
Weight - 2 t
the Maximum speed - 90 km/ ch
engine Volume - 2,1 l
Cost in Novosibirsk - from 30 to 70 thousand rbl.

Porsche Cayenne.
the Photo: from a site photo. tut. ua

Porsche Cayenne - the most magnificent

the German autoconcern of Porsche one of the last has surrendered to a changeable automobile fashion and has started to let out off-road cars. By then it already did almost all topovye automobile stamps, including such when - that uncharacteristic for cross-country vehicles of Cadillac and Lincoln. In « Porsche » at this time held positions, letting out exclusively sports and racing cars. But when conservative Germans all - taki have dared to subdue and impassability they have arranged in the market the present furore, and numerous « Gelendvageny » « H - the fifth » and « Tuaregi » have nervously lighted aside. Porsche Cayenne has turned out stylish, magnificent and fast - well matched to the sports colleagues. Make this car since 2002, and the off-road car second generation - Porsche 958 Cayenne recently was issued. By the way, there is also Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia updating   - created on motives of rally « transsibir ».

In Novosibirsk it is possible to buy second-hand « Kajenn » for all tastes - the price is defined by age of the car, its version, the engine and a complete set. So, the car of 2003 of release can be got « in total » for 750 thousand roubles, and the price of three - or four-year-old « Porsche » this stamp can reach 4,4 million roubles. Well and the new crossover of the glorified German autofirm will manage to you from 3 to 6 million roubles.

Porsche Cayenne Interior.

TTH Porsche Cayenne lineup

Length/ width/ height - 4,71,91,7
Weight - from 2,1 to 2,9 t
the Maximum speed - from 214 to 278 km/ ch
engine Volume - from 3 to 4,8 l
Cost in Novosibirsk - from 750 thousand to 4,4 million rbl.

In following release we will tell m about huge pickups - Ford F350 and Toyota Tundra.

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