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Orange mood


Baked in kivi meat with grilled vegetables

Is necessary: veal (cutting) -   2 kg, kivi -   6 pieces, rosemary -   1 bunch, salt, pepper on taste. For a garnish: tsukini -   2 pieces, pepper Bulgarian -   2 pieces, an eggplant - 1 piece, rosemary and a green onion for an ornament.

How to prepare

1. Kivi to clear, a part to cut and knead a plug. The remained fruit to cut straws.

2. Meat to lard slices kivi, to pepper, salt, cover mashed potatoes from kivi, to add rosemary, to turn in a foil.

3. To bake 1,5 hours at   2000 S


4. Vegetables to cut large pieces, to fry on olive oil on a frying pan - a grill.

5. To cut meat thin chunks. To lay out on a plate, nearby - a garnish from vegetables.

Orange κπΰννΰχΰν* « Scotland »

It is necessary: oat-flakes -   200 g, sugar brown -   4 items of l., oranges -   4 pieces, cream   400 ml, cinnamon, a carnation and powdered sugar on taste. Wafer tubules for an ornament.

How to prepare

1. Ovsjanye flakes to fry with brown sugar on a frying pan without butter.

Svetlana Fisenko has decorated a table with such amusing animals.

2. To rub a dried peel of one orange, all oranges to clear, cut.

3. Cream to shake up with powdered sugar, cinnamon and a carnation, to mix with a dried peel and the roasted flakes.

4. To lay out layers slices of an orange and slivochno - gerkulesovuju weight.

*Κπΰννΰχΰν - the original Scottish dessert prepared on the basis of whipped cream and ovsjanyh of flakes.

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