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Feet in hands, or Run to flebologu

Hardly someone should explain, how the extremities of the person amazed varikoznoj with illness look: hilly dark blue veins, vascular small knots, asterisks …

But aesthetic defects far not the main problem of the people who are suffering affliction varikozom. Weight in feet, the hypostases pressing and aching pains, and, of course, complication varikoznoj illnesses - trombofit. Here that most of all disturbs those who has faced this illness of veins.

There are many modern methods with which help it is possible to cope varikoznoj with illness at different stages of its development. About preventive maintenance and treatment varikoza today we talk with the head of the Flebologichesky centre of Yaroslavl, the surgeon - flebologom, the senior lecturer of stand of surgery JAGMA, the candidate of medical sciences Maxim Potapov.

- Maxim Petrovich, a leah it is possible to foresee before occurrence of the first symptoms of illness - you are subject varikozu or not?

- Varikoznaja illness - widespread disease also meets approximately at every fourth person. Defining factors of occurrence varikoza are the heredity and a way of life. In particular, the activity connected with raised loading on feet, long abiding standing, « sedentary » work. Women are subject varikoznoj to illness more often men.

- a leah It is possible to suspect at itself illness before occurrence of external signs varikoza - expansions of veins?

- should Guard weariness, weight in feet, hypostases, spasms, onemenie. With such symptoms it is necessary to be converted to flebologu. It is better, if you exclude varikoznuju illness, than will come to the doctor at later stage of its development.

- a leah There are methods which help to prevent illness or to brake it at the very beginning of development - for the present there were no strongly expanded veins?

- carrying concerns such methods special kompressionnogo

the Surgeon - flebolog Maxim Potapov
the Photo: KUZNETSOVA Belief

jersey which supports oslabshie walls of vessels as a skeleton. However it is necessary to remember: kompressionnoe linen - medical. And it means that only the doctor after consultation and inspection solves: which jersey is shown you how correctly to select it when and how much on its time it is necessary to carry. Otherwise you can receive opposite result. By the way, kompressionnyj the jersey is shown and after various procedures on elimination varikoza - as a way of rehabilitation and prevention of relapses. As a prophylactic medical jersey flebologi recommend as to pregnant women, after all at them loading on feet considerably increases. Certainly, future mums too should consult with the doctor before to start to carry special linen.

- the Complex help in struggle with varikozom inhabitants of Yaroslavl and area can receive in the Flebologichesky centre. How for a long time it exists?

- the Flebologichesky centre exists since 2005 on the basis of Road clinical hospital. The purpose of its creation - in one place to concentrate experts, the best equipment and the advanced techniques of treatment varikoza that patients could receive the fullest and advanced help in struggle against this illness. Reception is conducted by surgeons - flebologi. Basically, it is the universal experts owning at once several techniques of treatment varikoznoj of illness. Besides it, as a part of the centre the diagnostic branch equipped with the advanced ultrasonic equipment operates. In particular, at us it is spent ultrasonic duplex angioskanirovanie on equipment of an expert class.

- Unfortunately, neither jersey, nor tablets, ointments will not rescue from already expanded veins. But if several years ago patients with varikoznoj illness could be helped only by serious operation today there is variety of sparing techniques. What of them practise in Yaroslavl flebologicheskom the centre?

- it is valid, in our centre variety of various procedures for disposal from varikoza is spent. All of them solve two problems: restore a normal blood-groove and eliminate aesthetic defects. What of them to apply at treatment of a concrete case, the doctor and the patient in common solve on consultation. Miniflebektomija - a method which has come on replacement of traditional operation. At miniflebektomii all manipulations with veins are spent through small punctures after which does not remain hems. After such intervention hospitalisation makes one days. (In our centre comfortable conditions of abiding are offered patients.) the Radio-frequency obliteration - bezoperatsionnyj the way of removal of veins and hospitalisation does not demand. The surgeon at such method influences veins microwaves. For today is one of the most advanced ways of treatment of illness. the laser technology relieves the patient of the amazed veins by processing varikoznoj veins energy of a laser beam. But the method has some restrictions in use, in particular, is not applied to struggle with large varikozom. Sclerotherapy - chemical influence on the amazed vessels. Is ideally suited for struggle against vascular grids and asterisks.

- It is said that from varikoznoj illnesses it is impossible to get rid for ever. A leah So it?

It is not correct. If the patient after procedures not only carries out all recommendations of the expert, but also periodically is followed up by a doctor, illness to it will not return. And in our centre for medical support all conditions are created - after the spent procedures we observe of our clients free of charge. After all the healthy patient is a certificate of our successful work.

Flebologichesky centre NUZ « Road clinical hospital at station Yaroslavl of Open Society « the Russian Railway ».

the Address: Yaroslavl, the Suzdal highway, 21, a stop « Railway hospital ». Ph. (4852) 33 - 77 - 04 (record round the clock).

WEB: www. varikoznog. rf www. varikoz - feet. rf

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