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Herring under a fur coat with house mayonnaise

It is necessary: a herring - 200 g, celery stalks - 100 g, an apple - 1 piece, a mix - salad - 1 packing, carrots - 1 piece, a beet - 1 piece For mayonnaise: an egg yolk - 1 piece, mustard - 2 ch. L., wine vinegar - 1 ch. L., races - titelnoe butter - 50 ml, sugar - 0,5 ch. L., olive oil - 1 item of l.

How to prepare

1. To boil carrots and a beet.

2. A celery to clear of fibres and to cut cubes together with a herring, carrots and a beet.


3. The apple too to cut cubes and sbryznut a lemon.

4. For mayonnaise in a bowl a nimbus to mix a yolk, vinegar, mustard.

5. A thin stream to pour in vegetable oil, constantly shaking up a nimbus, to sweeten and add a few waters.

6. In a glass or a plate to lay out layers all components, alternating their mayonnaise. From above to powder with salad.

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