Rus News Journal

The astroforecast from November, 21 till November, 27th from Innokentija Lunova


this week special attention give to private life. Admirers will compete for the right to spend time in your society. Do not hurry up to choose, the worthy candidate himself will find a way to win you.

the bullock

do not risk, rash acts and the actions made now, can auknutsja serious consequences in the future. If it would be desirable to change a situation, take vacation is better and wait.


For new novels the period favorable, private life will be in full swing, and here on work friction are possible. If you feel that creation of a family cosiness is more important, means, it is time to search for a new field.

a cancer

Conditions in your house are slightly strained, but it is not terrible. You the master to discharge situa ­ tsiju so use the ability! Please relatives with unexpected gifts and pleasant trifles.

a lion

If you not in forces to cope with the pulled hard affairs and cares the best variant - to make a respite and to go to holiday. You need to be aired before again straining to be in action.

the maiden

do not do hasty conclusions of acts of people of an opposite sex. You are inclined to judge the person on the first impression, now tactics should be changed not to miss the happiness.


you wanted changes, and they here as here, now operate also build the future. Now at you all maps on hands, the main thing to banish laziness and to miss nothing. All affairs this week are very important.

a scorpion

the Award already close. You long and persistently tried to achieve the object, and it does not remain not noticed. Much will change for the better. For you waits both financial, and moral satisfaction.


Surround itself with people who appreciate you, you respect also which trust. Even if the circle of elite will be not too wide, together with the ­ mi allies you will become successful also recognitions.

a goat

Be engaged in purchases and household affairs. This week will be enough quiet and perfectly will approach for housework as recently superfluous minute on cleaning at you was not.


Behave in hands. If ner ­ you on a limit, start to accept soothing or find, to whom to tell about become painful. You need to find again balance then you will consult with all affairs.


this week you should break a head at once over several serious problems. If there will be difficulties, do not hurry to strew a head ashes, be converted behind the help to influential colleagues.