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Chronicles of November in Novosibirsk: has slipped, has fallen, has regained consciousness - plaster!

in the beginning of this month on change to warm weather unusual for November the sharp cold snap has come. And together with it - a season of bruises and crises. As a result the number of references in traumatologic branches has grown on the average on 20 %. How not to become a victim of ice? Also what to do, if to avoid a trauma it was not possible? We understand with experts.

Hold balance!

Physicians advise: to save balance on a slippery path, do not hold a hand in pockets. Walk it is desirable with small steps, in regular intervals waving hands is will help to keep balance.

- If will start to fall, try to land on buttocks or sideways, - Konstantin Senchenko managing traumatologic point of the Kalininsky disctrict of the city of Novosibirsk advises. - Try to make a landing as much as possible soft. Thus it is not necessary to accept blow on hands, crisis differently is possible. Especially attentive in ice need to be older persons. Bones at them fragile, and even the insignificant bruise can lead to serious consequences. To make secure against falling, it is better to get a cane.

Thus experts advise for ice to refuse footwear high-heeled or a thin hairpin. The sole at boots should be on a corrugated protector.

If to avoid falling it was not possible …

These symptoms will prompt that it is necessary to be converted to the doctor

brain Concussion

Distinguishers - a nausea, vomiting, dizziness, pallor. The person can sometimes faint for short time.

rest is necessary to the Victim, lay it, having raised a head hardly above a body. At a headache it is possible to give an analginum tablet (tsitramon and aspirin are excluded - suddenly there is an internal bleeding?) spazmolitiki too it is better not to use - they reduce pressure and can worsen a status. On a head put ice or a cold compress. And then call the doctor even if the person refuses the help.

the Dislocation

is subject Often a humeral joint. The dislocation is accompanied by the sharp pain doing impossible any movement. But the person can move with fingers of the hurt hand.

First of all help suffered to sit down and will apply fixing bandage that the hand did not move. The bandage - a loop should support on a chest bent in an elbow at right angle a hand. If there is no bandage, for bandage manufacturing it is possible to use a scarf, the big scarf.

Only do not try to set a joint independently - sometimes under a dislocation « masks » crisis. And urgently go to the traumatologist - at such pathologies surgical intervention quite often is required.

At bruises the first that it is necessary to make the Bruise, is to put a cold for hypostasis reduction. The polyethylene package (a hot-water bottle, a bottle) with cold water or slices of ice from the refrigerator for this purpose will approach. That the bruise did not become huge and painfull, grease ushiblennoe a place with a lead lotion, rassasyvajushchimi the gels improving superficial blood circulation (type of Troksevazina).

At a head bruise there can not only be a cone or a hematoma, but even to happen short-term loss of memory (the person does not remember the moment of a trauma). Then advice one - it is urgent to the doctor!

the Stretching

At a stretching though and is sick, but all - taki it is possible to bend and unbend a foot, to stir fingers. The hypostasis quite often develops, but there are no claret bruises.

Impose on the hurt place ice and fix the hurt joint elastic bandage or a scarf. For anaesthesia any will approach simple or combined analgetik. Also glance in fracture clinic: to external signs sometimes it is possible to confuse a bone crack with a stretching - the X-ray precisely will help to diagnose.

For inflammation removal ointments and creams on the basis of Ibuprofena and Diklofenaka are good, treatment with which is better for spending courses.


the Pain same as at a dislocation, but at crisis the hypostasis quickly accrues. A distinguisher - the victim cannot stir fingers of the hurt hand or a foot.

At suspicion on crisis the foot or a hand need to be fixed at once, for pain removal to give analgetik. It is impossible to attack the hurt foot, it is desirable not to bend it in a knee. And as soon as possible to be converted to the doctor.

By the way

the Rating of winter traumas

At ice people wring hands - in a forearm and an elbow more often.

On the second place - crises of an anklebone, a stretching of sinews of muscles of a shin.

Hardly there are head injuries - they the most dangerous less often.

According to traumatologic points of a city of Novosibirsk.

Addresses of fracture clinics of Novosibirsk

* the Burn centre, Regional clinical hospital - Nemirovich`s street - Danchenko, 130, a building 4, bodies. (383 315 - 99 - 18

* Academgorodok Fracture clinic - street Pirogova, 25, bodies. (383 330 - 93 - 18

* Fracture clinic of Dzerzhinsky area - street Polzunova, 21, bodies. (383 279 - 22 - 11

* Fracture clinic of Zaeltsovsky and Central areas - street Zalessky, 6, a building 6, bodies. (383 236 - 73 - 09

* Fracture clinic of Kalininsky area - A.Nevsky`s street, 9, bodies. (383 281 - 14 - 10

* Fracture clinic of the Kirov area - street Zorge, 47/ 1, bodies. (383 342 - 05 - 49

* Fracture clinic of Lenin area - 2 - j lane Parhomenko, 7, bodies. (383 351 - 62 - 34

* Fracture clinic of October area - street Moscow, 89, bodies. (383 264 - 36 - 81

* Fracture clinic ObGeS - street Muhacheva, 5, bodies. (383 345 - 11 - 43

* Fracture clinic of the Central and Railway areas - street Serebrennikovsky, 42/ street Deputy, 40, bodies. (383 223 - 33 - 96

* Children`s fracture clinic of Dzerzhinsky and Kalininsky areas - street Knitted, 31, bodies. (383 279 - 16 - 56

* Children`s fracture clinic of Railway, Zaeltsovsky, October and Central areas - Red pr - t, 3, bodies. (383 223 - 06 - 67

* Children`s fracture clinic of the Kirov and Lenin areas - street of Siberians - Guardsmen, 36, bodies. (383 314 - 46 - 43

On a note!

Have earned crisis? Eat avocado and gryzite sunflower seeds!

It is noticed what faster to heal to the suffered bones and joints soya products help and... Avocado (eat 1 piece of average size within a week).

all vegetable oils, sunflower seeds - pumpkin, kunzhutnye, sunflower Are useful also.

That cracks and crises healed faster, lean on dishes with zhelirujushchimi substances: a jellied fish, a jelly, fruit jellies, kissels.

Strengthen bones calcium and phosphorus. So indulge itself seafood more often (mussels, shrimps), eat sea fish (a herring, a mackerel, a salmon), and also do not refuse sour milk, cottage cheese and cheeses of type Adygea or house.

But many patients notice that joints are ill after uptreblenija in food of tomatoes and all paslenovyh, red meat (beef, mutton), milk, konserv more strongly.