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Dance of gymnasts

Today they have included performance of gymnasts. As gracefully they dance with a ball as dexterously twist a hoop as the tape at them in hands fine coils and as the skipping rope quickly turns!

- They as though from plasticine, - the Little squirrel admired, looking, as gymnasts are beautifully bent during the dance. - they such soft!

- Not soft, but flexible, - its Hare has corrected. - and me it is pleasant, when they with a tape act. The tape as a snake coils!

the TASK:

1. Untangle mess and tell, with what gymnasts act?

2. What sports stock superfluous?

3. Letters were mixed. Place them in correct sequence and read names sports « assistants » for dance of gymnasts.



Heavy weight for the heavyweight

Eroshka has come to a hall to work with dumbbells and to strengthen muscles of hands and a back. He has got acquainted with athletes who lift very heavy weights and bars. The hedgehog has reflected, who from them lifts the biggest weight if we know that:



1 - blue       2 - grey       3 - yellow

4 - pink       5 - red       6 - green

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On one show-window is, and on another is not present


Compare two pictures. What subject is only on one of them? Lead round it.