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the Surgeon - podiatr Maxim Anatolevich of CATS:

      the Reasons of occurrence of chronic wounds   - a diabetes, chronic venous and limfovenoznaja insufficiency, an atherosclerosis of vessels of feet   and others. The problem urgency consists that such patients to be engaged nobody wants, as treatment process laborious enough, long.

        the Diabetes in relation to other diseases occupies 3 place by quantity of patients. Prevalence of illness makes about 5 % of the population. The quantity sick of a diabetes steadily grows, now in Russia is officially registered about 2 million patients and about 8 million Not consisting on the account. Through 10 - 15 years are expected doubling of quantity of patients in this connection, the diabetes is named by not infectious epidemic of the XXI-st century.

      the Syndrome of diabetic foot is late complication of a diabetes. On the basis of definition the CART, a syndrome of diabetic foot (DS) is an infection, an ulcer and/ or destruktsija the deep fabrics, connected with neurologic infringements and decrease in the main blood-groove in arteries of the bottom extremities of various severity level.

      the problem Urgency consists that the quantity sick of a diabetes (SD) steadily grows, and the syndrome of diabetic foot though concerns late complications, is one of the heaviest and expensive complications of a diabetes, considering medical, social and business factors. 40 - 60 % of all not traumatic amputations of the bottom extremities are spent at sick of a diabetes. In 85 % of cases amputations of the bottom extremities are preceded by ulcers of the feet which reason of occurrence in 4 cases from 5 is the external trauma (as a rule, from - for inadequately or badly picked up footwear). The Primary factor of risk of development of ulcer defects of feet is peripheral sensomotornaja polinejropatija, and a pacing factor influencing healing of wounds, presence and degree of expressiveness of a pathology of peripheral vessels is.

      the Basic condition of successful treatment of ulcer defects and it is purulent - nekroticheskih processes of feet is   the earliest and full diagnostics of presence, degree of expressiveness and a combination of a pathology of peripheral nerves and vessels of feet. The diagnosis is put on the basis of the anamnesis, the clinical data, given neurologic survey and additional methods of inspection: dopplerografii vessels of feet, rentgenografii stop, the laboratory data. Also at treatment of patients with various forms of a syndrome of diabetic foot it is necessary to consider presence and degree of expressiveness of other complications of a diabetes and accompanying diseases as they limit a choice of medicamentous therapy and other methods of treatment. Treatment of wounds, ulcer defects, is purulent - nekroticheskih processes of feet consists of diabetes indemnification (saharosnizhajushchjaja therapy), treatments polinejropatii (preparations of vitamins of group In, and - lipoevoj acids), vascular therapy depending on degree of expressiveness of an ischemia, local processing of wounds depending on a phase ranevogo process (removal giperkeratozov, wide opening and drenirovanie the purulent centres, mechanical and/ or enzimaticheskoe wound clarification, etapnye nekrektomii, application of modern antiseptic tanks and dressings), rational and adequate antibacterial therapy, unloading of the amazed site of foot.  

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