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Nastasja Sambursky sleeps not to get fat

Its heroine - the brunette of a sports constitution who has sex strictly once a week, only for health: it for it type of visitation fitness - club. There is no mention, than the actress for maintenance of the excellent form is engaged in real life, but - club it precisely does not go to fitness.

- I all am going to register in sports hall but while it remains at desire level, - the actress has told to us. - by the nature I am very lazy, I take care. Not to get fat, I sleep more. Because, when nedosypaesh, in an organism exchange processes are slowed down. In clubs on discos I get out extremely seldom but if I appear there I dance to the full extent, I burn calories for a month forward. From the father I have inherited high growth, a wide back and, thank God, excellent health. That is the nature has given me everything that I became the swimmer. But, alas, I and was not has reached pool.

Though in a serial « the Wedding ring » Nastasja also has played the manager fitness - club.