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On the guard of your health tomograd

the Irreplaceable assistant in it is magnitno - a resonant tomography, or MRT.

Magnitno - the resonant tomography is the unique technique based on influence of a magnetic field on a human body. Getting under influence of radio-frequency impulses, molecules of fabrics of the person let out fluctuations which are fixed by the computer. After decoding of the received data the doctor receives the detailed image of a cut of body or a part of a body and, being based on it, writes the conclusion proceeding from which the further treatment is planned.

MRT allows to reveal a large quantity of pathological statuses and diseases. Thanks to this method research head and a spinal cord, various departments of a backbone, joints and sheaves can be conducted. Procedure passes without serious consequences and occupies 20 - 30 minutes. As the technique is completely safe and practically has no contra-indications, MRT there can pass even children. The only thing that is required from the patient, - to remain motionless during inspection. Thanks to it the device can consider the information as much as possible in detail, and the pictures received as a result of procedure will accurately display a status of bodies.

Today there are many methods of research of an organism, however in comparison with them MRT possess a number of advantages. First of all, it concerns that the visualisation received as a result of application of the given technique, considerably above. As a result of it to the patient as much as possible exact diagnosis is made and, as consequence, the most effective methods of treatment of disease steal up. Security of application MRT is connected by that magnetic field influence on the person completely harmlessly, unlike usual x-ray research or a x-ray computer tomography.

In spite of the fact that MRT is one of the advanced techniques in the field of medicine, today it is and in Yaroslavl. Since August, 2011 in our city has begun the work the diagnostic centre « Tomograd » belonging to a large network of the diagnostic centres, already many years working in this sphere. In total for two months of work experts of the centre have accepted more than 600 patients and, according to the company management, every day wishing to pass inspection MRT begins more and more.

One more offer of the centre « Tomograd » is dopplerograficheskie researches of vessels in which result quickly and it is without serious consequences possible to establish the reasons of headaches, a status of vessels and arteries of a brain and many other diseases.

Nefedov`s Hope, the expert of the centre « Tomograd » the doctor - the radiologist: « MRT is a perfect possibility of exact inspection of your organism by means of the advanced equipment! Take care of yours health already today! »

the Address: Yaroslavl, pr October, d. 90.

Ph. (4852) 37 - 00 - 03.

www. tomograd. ru

the Diagnostic centre « Tomograd - Yaroslavl »

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