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If the back is ill...

today pains in   to a back   - so widespread phenomenon that is frequent on   it not   pay special attention. About backbone problems very often it is possible to receive the information with   the TV screen to read in   newspapers and   magazines. « an osteochondrosis » « a disk hernia » « vertebra displacement » « a scoliosis »   - these terms quite often associate with   inevitability in   lives of the modern person. However timely diagnostics and   selection of an optimum complex medical - rehabilitation actions are capable to relieve the person from   pains to avoid complications, and, hence, to improve quality of human life. About simple rules which should be known if the back was ill, the director medical - diagnostic centre MIBS Natalia Baryshnikova will tell.

Imagine a situation - a small physical overload, and even simply sharp


change of position of a trunk - and the stupid, aching pain in a waist, giving to a foot, sharply amplifies, yes so that it is impossible neither to be unbent, nor to move. Back muscles are strained, any movement strengthens a pain. In feet murashki, pokalyvanie and a fever. I have described to you typical displays of the expressed osteochondrosis of lumbar department of a backbone. Unfortunately, often enough we see people whom the terrible pain on all body does not allow neither to sigh, nor to move. At the same time, this illness does not develop for one day, and the first symptoms appear long before described above a picture. When to start to sound alarm concerning a status of the backbone? Certainly, is better when illness yet has not begun. And if it is serious, any discomfort in a back, arising in the course of your usual loading - a signal that it is necessary to do something. The question in that is that? To answer this question the doctor should. The statistics of references to the doctor concerning an osteochondrosis is insignificant - to 20 percent of potential patients. As a rule, come already when absolutely becomes unbearable (as - that the husband has brought the wife in our centre on hands). Agree, it is healthy, when there is a possibility quickly and safely « to glance » in an organism of the patient to look that there not and to appoint correct treatment. Here it is necessary to warn readers from rash « kidanija » on various kinds of treatment. For example, at some kinds of hernias manipulation is counter-indicative, and taking vitamins, say, at tumoral process, it is possible to do much harm essentially on a broader scale to itself. The data of recent poll of the patients, suffering affliction back pains is curious. It has appeared that 59 % interrogated at all do not understand the reason of development of the disease, 24 % - declare that basically it the reasons of development of their illnesses are clear, but do nothing, 11 % - start to understand, and only 7 % interrogated clearly understand the reason and are successfully treated. Thus, only every tenth person produmanno also is successfully treated, and the others of 90 % use the goods and methods which do not bring advantage, and frequently can and worsen a status.

And after all medical diagnostics is not necessary on a place and to irreplaceable attribute - to hands of the doctor - more hundred years ago were added a X-ray, later - a computer tomography and, at last, magnitno - a resonant tomography (MRT). Today MRT all over the world - « gold » the standard of diagnostics of diseases oporno - the impellent device. Faster, more precisely and more safely for the present have not thought up! MRT - huge help to the attending physician and a simple way to any person to learn the true reason of the feeling sick.


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