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FGUP Yaroslavl protezno - the orthopedic enterprise

Many inhabitants of our city consider that personally it from the orthopedic enterprise no advantage can be. If hands and feet on a place, the artificial limb what for is necessary? It appears, they can receive disposal of many problems thanks to the orthopedic enterprise. After all here, except actually artificial limbs, the set of other means necessary for health is made and on sale.

the History Yaroslavl protezno - the orthopedic enterprise totals more than 60 years. All has begun in 1943 with a workshop on manufacturing of artificial limbs for the soldiers crippled on fronts of the Great Patriotic War. Since then before the enterprise there were new problems. If the person has lost an extremity, quality of his life in a modern society considerably decreases. The artificial limb urged not only to create visibility of that the extremity is present, he should incur as it is possible bolshy volume of functions of the lost extremity.

All these years experts of the enterprise steadfastly observed of science development about prosthetics to be well informed about all new opening and at once to use them in the work. The administration never saves means for training of the experts - artificial limbs are made of modern import and domestic sites and materials, in offices and workshops the most complicated equipment is established. Giving thanks to their efforts to set of patients which, having lost one bottom extremity or even two, go on artificial limbs firmly enough and without a cane. And not only go, but also go in for sports!

It is necessary to understand one major true: at amputation life does not come to an end! If the person really wants to return to usual life, we will help it to make it. The only stipulation - to be converted on the orthopedic enterprise as soon as possible, at once after an extract from a hospital where there was an amputation. Otherwise not to avoid problems which are called « defects kulti » - they limit prosthetics possibilities.

Prosthetics is the trade necessarily demanding an individual approach to


to the patient. Sleeves (it is a part against which leans kultja) are created only individually, on a plaster cast that it was convenient to patient to use an artificial limb. For cases when especially difficult artificial limb is required to the person, at the enterprise there is an office of difficult prosthetics where high quality experts make miracles literally.

Feature of the orthopedic enterprise also consists in ability to work with the special clients. Here all is directed on that to the person it was convenient. All employees in collective in any measure psychotherapists, able to find the correct approach to any even most « hopeless » to the pessimist.

Besides, here conduct reception reabilitologi and representatives of fund of social insurance, that is all documents for preferential prosthetics are made out directly on a place.

Here too there is a hospital where patients learn to go on an artificial limb or to carry out it various actions. In a hospital experts LFK, physiatrists conduct reception, there is a massage, offices shine the new equipment. It is necessary to mention diagnostics and rehabilitation centre where computer diagnostics of deformations of a backbone and foot is spent.

At the orthopedic enterprise also let out the devices supporting the bottom extremity in case of its paralysis or nedorazvitija, corsets both soft fixing, and rigid are issued. For children sick of a children`s cerebral paralysis, devices - vertikalizatory, devices - trojnichki with knee and coxofemoral hinges are made.

In shop on release of orthopedic footwear experts - obuvshchiki work on the modern equipment and with import materials. The orthopedic footwear created here on convenience and external appearance became much more interesting and more comfortable. In sewing shop various kinds of artificial limbs for support of joints, bandages, proof-readers of a bearing for children and adults, specialised bodices for artificial limbs of mammary glands, golovoderzhateli are made at a cervical osteochondrosis and other.

At last, here there is a shop in which it is possible to find rich assortment of the orthopedic goods of domestic and import manufacture. These are the subjects intended for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with the most various diseases. Among them movement problems (canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs), diseases of joints and a backbone (bandages, tutory, corsets, proof-readers), foot pathologies (orthopedic insoles, footwear, various adaptations under a heel and forward department of foot), artificial limbs of mammary glands and kompressionnoe linen, orthopedic mattresses and pillows and many other things. Employees of shop always will help with a product choice, will consult concerning its application and even will show, as it is used.

the Price policy of the enterprise is directed on granting of the help by any, even to socially not protected groups of the population. Thus in assortment always is available it is a little exemplary the same production at the various prices that the patient always could find that to it on a pocket. Let`s notice that for invalids and prosthetics, and manufacturing of other orthopedic products manages absolutely free of charge.

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