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Caen gave sugar for tobacco, and Belobrova has given up smoking for the sake of a voice


every year on the third Thursday of November in the majority of the countries of the world celebrate the International day of refusal of smoking. It was founded by the American oncological society in 1977. « has decided to learn, how known people of Vladivostok struggled with nicotinic dependence and a leah it has turned out to give up smoking at them.

Jacob Kan, the chairman of the council of veterans of Vladivostok:

- I smoked more than 50 years. Has thrown, because has felt that cigarettes definitively undermine health. And to smoke - that began, because time then was very heavy.


For us, soldiers, tobacco at the front was all: dulled feeling of hunger, helped to calm nerves before fight. For it even the sugar gave. During blockade of Leningrad instead of tobacco it was necessary to smoke the leaves impregnated with nicotine. We this rubbish named   gorloderom.

Larissa Belobrova, the national actress of Russia:

- to Give up smoking to me it was easy, as I especially was never dependent on cigarettes. I smoked a little and during any moment have decided to stop, was not involved yet.   at us at theatre many smoke. But they forget that cigarettes very much influence vocal chords. And for the actor a good voice – it is its bread!


Miha silt Veselov, the former secretary of political council of one of parties:

- I smoke many years. And, to tell the truth, did not try to throw at all - simply I do not feel in it any requirement. Certainly, I both hands for propagation of a healthy way of life and for struggle against smoking. But itself is not ready to refuse cigarettes yet.

Vla dimir Bespalov,   the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Primorski Territory:


- Now I do not smoke and I am not going to begin. But in youth when left school, few times tried. When about it my father has learnt, he to me has told: « the Sonny, I smoke all life and have already earned two heart attacks. To you to ruin the health I will not allow. I will see with a cigarette - I will flog ». Since then I never touched a cigarette.

Alexander Bojko, the head hudozhest vennoj groups « 33+1 »:


- I smoked from the fifth class and smoked more than ten years! During any moment has felt that cigarettes have ceased to bring pleasure. Wanted to throw, but could not, as all people surrounding me smoked. But last year we with the bride have gone on two weeks on Russian island. And there I have resolved to fasten with cigarettes. And the beautiful landscape, fresh air and, certainly, support of the beloved have helped me with it.

Edward Barsegov,   the sculptor, the author of many monuments in Primorski Krai:


- I in life never touched a cigarette! In 16 years it was arranged with a mechanic on a whaling vessel. Has worked on it four years and has in this time seen that poisonous exhaust gas by which the motor compartment is filled, can make with human health. Mechanics with a long standing in literal sense spat out the lungs for a board. Since then I have allowed to itself pledge to smoke never.