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Mushrooms in beer kljare

2 eggs,

100 g torments,

100 g cheese,

250 ml of beer,

500 g field mushrooms,

vegetable oil for hot fan,

150 g sheet salad,

300 g brynzas,

150 g tomatoes cherri,

3 table spoons of olive oil,


Yolks separate from fibers. Separately shake up fibers and yolks. Mix yolks with fibers and again shake up.

Add vegetable oil. A flour dissolve with beer, stir. Cheese grate, add in a flour with beer. Add the prepared mix in egg weight, salt, mix. The prepared mushrooms dip in kljar and fry in hot fan. The fried mushrooms shumovkoj lay out on a paper towel.

salad Leaves tear on small slices, a brynza cut with cubes. Salad leaves, a brynza and tomatoes cherri connect, mix and fill with olive oil. On a dish lay out mushrooms and the prepared salad.

Submit salad to a table.

Bon appetit!

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