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Ice in Khabarovsk territory has collected the first sad a crop

the Statistics of last two days when the snow cyclone has fallen upon edge, is unfavourable. In 11 road accidents 20 persons have suffered, five were lost. For comparison: for past weeks in edge in failures have got traumas 33 persons, was lost 7.

- Perish basically on country lines, - have commented « a situation in department of propagation of regional traffic police. - in a city of speed it is less, from here and there is less than road accident. And for a city leave - go quickly in the conditions of low visibility and ice. And severity level of the traumas received in failures is much more. Well and rubber on the cars still very many drivers have not changed with summer for the winter.

it is a lot of troubles the dropped out snow delivered also to pedestrians.

- Only for one days in fracture clinic for adults of regional hospital 2 100 persons have arrived nearby, - Sergey Rusik managing fracture clinic has told. - However it is impossible to name total of traumas record or phenomenal. Number of victims not too raznitsja with daily statistics of the snowless periods. But here weight of the traumas received during falling has essentially increased. If to a snowfall people arrived with damage of sheaves now we can speak about crises. And there, where there were simple crises, now crises with displacement earlier. The big flow of patients in spite of the fact that snow in streets especially is not cleared away, in fracture clinic for adults of regional hospital 2 do not expect.

And what road services?

they were ready To a snowfall, have informed in a press - service of administration of Khabarovsk. On clearing of snow of roads of the regional centre 52 units of a special equipment of the enterprises of an accomplishment, this night &ndash Sunday afternoon worked; 48. Then total have finished to 140 cars. It is already scattered on roads of regional capital of 860 tons protivogololednogo a reagent, pesko - a hydrochloric mix and simply salt.

the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Khabarovsk territory

is important

Recommendations from experts GU If in a weather forecast the message on ice or a glaze ice is given, take measures for decrease in probability of reception of a trauma:

- prepare maloskolzjashchuju footwear. It is necessary to pay attention to gait at walking during ice - move carefully, without hurrying up, attacking all sole. Thus feet should be slightly weakened, hands are free, as the occupied hands increase probability of reception of a serious trauma.

- older persons are recommended to use a cane with a rubber tip or a special stick with the pointed thorns.

- if you have slipped, sit down to lower falling height. At the moment of falling try to be grouped.

- observe traffic regulations, a high-speed mode. To pedestrians to be especially attentive at transition through proezzhuju a part;

  - at a trauma do not self-medicate, converted to the expert.